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‘Wild One’ by Chaos and the Calm review

The duo, comprising of Birgitte Hellwig and Joachim Henriksen, are from Norway and having been announced as the first act to sign with Stoplight Records, have released their debut single from their upcoming EP on 26th January 2024.

Birgitte explains "the song is about having found a soulmate who wants the same wild life as yourself" and continues to detail the inspiration behind the song.

"I got the idea for the song after watching an episode of the tv-show "Sex and the City", where Carrie (the main character) realises that she is not the perfect partner for Big (her boyfriend). He wants something safe and predictable, while Carrie is aiming towards freedom. I had to write what Carrie's narrative voice said as she turns away from Big while spotting a horse who reads wildly."

The song provides an energetic and catchy rhythm encouraging warm feelings and a cheerful atmosphere promoting the mantra that anything is possible.

"I couldn't lie to you, couldn't lie to you if I tried.

Cause I wanna lie with you, 'til I die. I can't be tamed."

This statement is a testament to a strong relationship or friendship. It could be suggested that they're even talking to themselves, their alter-ego perhaps. It's interesting using the two meanings of lie within the same chorus. One to deceive, and the other to be beside, practically polar opposites when it comes to romance.

The verse also references our primal side, suggesting that we 'can't be tamed'. Conversely being tamed means limiting your freedom of expression, your individuality, and no one likes to be held back from who they are. In some ways it's a song of acceptance; challenging the grain of society, of what's 'normal'. We need to be freely ourselves to best enjoy life and its adventure.

"I've been running round in circles like a lost one, 'til I met you. And I saw that you were running like a wild one, a wild one too."

This verse depicts how lost we can be, going round in circles, seemingly not making any progress in life, either in personally or professionally. In a world that is consuming and full of double standards, it's all too easy to think that you're the only one feeling lost, or having a wild one; when actually, you realise you're not as alone as you thought because you see others 'running like a wild one, a wild one too.'

The song returns to the chorus referencing laying and lying with someone, yet every day we must be settled and accountable with ourselves for the actions of that day and what we're wanting to achieve.

"I've been running to the end of every highway, then I met you. And I saw that you were running like a wild one, a wild one too. I couldn't lie to you, couldn't lie to you if I tried. Cause I wanna lie with you, wanna lie with you 'til I die."

Reference to 'running to the end of every highway' is perhaps a different take on the saying 'going to the ends of the earth' meaning that you're wanting to do everything to be with your one true love, and equally are prepared to devote time to yourself.

"With you love, we can do anything, anything.

You and I, I wanna lie with you 'til I die."

This is an empowering message, signifying that with unity we can achieve greatness. Whilst we may have individual ideas and concepts, much like algorithms on social media or stream numbers, these can't progress unless there's traction, a collective behind the motion.

Overall, the song is a great introduction for the duo and with its simple structure of minimal instruments gives it a light and tranquil vibe, one definitely for easy listening. 'Wild One' was released 26th January 2024 and is available for streaming and downloading from all your usual music platforms. Be sure to follow their social media to watch them grow and flourish. They could well be the Norwegian answer to The Shires!

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