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Are you on your way to music city and want to do some planning upon your arrival? This page is meant for recommendations! This page is under construction and is expected to grow in recommendations.  

Most Important In Nashville....Music:

Nashville is so much more than amazing honky tonks! Now that you find yourself in the capitol of country music, Boots highly encourage you to check out places showcasing original music. And remember, most of the amazing artists playing your favorite songs at honky tonks, also got their own original music. Ask them to play their own songs!

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UpStar Music made this overview about writers rounds and full band showcases in Nashville: 

One thing you hear about when someone talks about Nashville is live music and how it is everywhere you look... literally. On Broadway, coffee shops, restaurants, stores, hotels - you name it, usually there is someone propped up on a barstool singing your favorite tunes by Luke Combs, Morgan Wallen and more. The only thing cooler than watching these talented individuals play covers is watching them showcase their original music during a writers round or songwriters night.

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