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‘Perfect’ by Ewelina review

Following on from her success with her previous hit 'Voices', Ewelina released her latest song 'Perfect' on 9th February 2024.

Describing it on her Instagram as "the most vulnerable song I have ever written" both the lyrics and carefully crafted melody enhance the sense of fragility and vulnerability.

Explaining that the song relates to a difficult and toxic relationship, the lyrics really capture the trouble and torment experienced.

"Please come home and talk to me

I promise not to judge, not to scream

Please come home and talk to me

I'm sure we'll find a way to get through this."

The first verse portrays a couple at odds with each other and the attempt at reconciliation referencing 'talk to me' twice. This too could also mean the ability to be open externally to others when faced in a toxic and degrading relationship.

"Tell me, I can't give no more

There's an answer to the slamming door.

Tell me, why you are so mad

There's an answer to your angry eyes."

This verse is seeking reassurance that you've tried everything and the only way out of it, is literally leaving (and sometimes slamming the door). Not only closing the door to your home but also to that chapter in your life. Ewelina draws upon the 'angry eyes' when a partner or loved one gets mad, eyes that we can either imagine what comes next, or we know.

"I've been through your ups and downs,

Baby calm down

Then you raised your glass and said,

"It's five o'clock somewhere"

Yet you look at me like someone You've never seen before

Like a stranger who expects me to be perfect."

The chorus is depicting how we not only live our lives, but we experience life together, the good and the bad, and sometimes we just need those reassuring words. Reference to the expression 'five o'clock somewhere' is perhaps referencing a drinking problem, or perhaps showcases our true Jekyll & Hyde moments, where we can perhaps see others who we once thought we knew in a totally different light.

"Please come home and talk to me.

Say it all, tell me how you feel.

Please come home and talk to me.

I know love isn't always easy."

This verse could be perceived as us being a lost soul and home is ourselves. We need to express how we feel and be open and honest with those around us. The fact that the lyric 'please come home and talk to me' is a reminder to us to trust those around us more. The final line of this lyric is quite powerful because this can be referenced to both a romantic relationship, but also to ourselves, internal love isn't always easy too; it's something more people struggle with than we think.

'Tell me why you're giving up

There are many reasons left to fight

Tell me what is worth more

There are other ways to prove me wrong

To prove me wrong, prove me wrong.'

The prospect of giving up a relationship can be difficult for both involved, other times not so much, but what it relies upon is truth and honesty, with clarity as to an explanation. Equally, the same can be said when you're feeling lost or worse and needing to communicate those feelings.

'Why don't you love me for who I really am

With my flaws, with my thoughts, with my veins

I'm not perfect and neither are you

So stop pretending and embrace the truth.'

This verse hits a striking chord, with todays world increasing use of social media, its meaning many are losing the love for who they really are. Reference to not being perfect can appear demoralising, but we are perfect for who we are. Perfect is contentness in ourselves. The verse leaves the listener with another powerful message 'stop pretending and embrace the truth'.

The song finishes by repeating the chorus twice, serving as a reminder that it's ok to have our 'up and downs'

In summary perfection isn't something we should seek or strive for as it creates additional stress and pressure for oneself; instead ensure that you're living the life you want, and that the decisions you make are the ones you wish to make. Being 'Perfect' as a concept should come naturally, allowing your authentic self to flourish.

'Perfect' is available to download and stream now from your usual platforms, and be sure to follow Ewelina on her social channels as well as supporting her via her Patreon.

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