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"Better Together" is a central expression in Boots vision. Boots of Europe is made by Boots and powered by the artists.


About Boots 

Boots of Europe was founded in 2019, by Norwegian Linda Eriksen, or Boots, as she is nicknamed. Her vision back then was to gather musicians and fans across the world, and create a friendly platform to showcase talent. 

She started doing small reviews, writing longer articles, and then later doing instagram live interviews with new up&coming artists as well as hit songwriters and artists. After a short period of time, she gained huge support from Norwegian Country radio and Country Music Association(CMA).  

In 2020 she was offered a radio show with, and she accepted. Her show is on air each wednesday, with replay saturdays. 

Boots is educated teacher by Hamar teachers academy, INN University/ Inland Norway University of Applied Science(2012). 

Follow her at twitter(bootsofnorway) or instagram(boots_countryradiouk)

About Boots of Europe

Main: Boots of Europe is a promotion concept for country artists across the world. But still, Boots vision is to help grow country music in Europe by creating a community. Boots works to connect artists, writers and producers for international collaborations, and in the same time share fans. Hopefully Boots Of Europe will grow into a festival or/and songwriter camps. There are endless possibilities! 


Boots Of Europe is growing! Europe is a huge area of many different countries and cultures. To help country music grow in each country, there now is a country music page called Boots of (the country), that presents country music and music from that country. 

All the pages are done by passionate country lovers, and by this we can reach the max!


Thank you to all the subpages, for your time invested in country music at the European music scene! 


By visiting this page, we hope you discover our community! 

We are Better Together Country:

Boots has put together a team of promoters world wide and the connections continue to grow steady. 

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