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"Better Together" is a central expression in Boots vision. Boots of Europe is made by Boots and the ambassadors and powered by the artists.

About Boots 


Boots of Europe was founded in 2019, by Norwegian Linda Eriksen, or Boots, as she is nicknamed. Her vision back then was to gather musicians and fans across the world and create a friendly platform to showcase talent. 

She started doing small reviews, writing longer articles, and then later doing instagram live interviews with new up&coming artists as well as hit songwriters and artists. After a short period of time, she gained huge support from Norwegian Country radio and Country Music Association(CMA).  

In 2020 she was offered her own radio show at, having her own three hour live radio show with replay Saturdays. 

From fall 2023 she will attend Music Business at Kristiania College in Oslo, pursuing her dream in the music industry full time.

Boots is educated teacher by Hamar teachers academy, INN University/ Inland Norway University of Applied Science(2012).

In 2021/22 she worked as a teacher in the Norwegian school, teaching Ukrainian kids/refugees Norwegian.  

Follow her at twitter(bootsofnorway) or instagram(boots_countryradiouk)

About Boots of Europe/Goal

Main: Boots of Europe is a promotion concept for country artists across the world. Boots vision is to help grow country music in Europe by creating a community. Boots works to connect artists, writers and producers for international collaborations. The Boots brand is well known internationally, and is strongly connected to Nashville.

Meet some of our amazing Boots ambassadors!

All of our ambassadors are independent. They are responsible for their own material and account. Only the brand "Boots" belongs to Boots of Europe. They are all "Boots approved", passionate about country music and the industry. 

In Boots we believe in the term "Better Together", and support each other and the artists reaching further.


Everything is possible! 


Boots of Denmark

Michael Friis Thomsen

From Frederiksborg, Denmark.


Michael works daily in sales, and manages the Danish site of Boots of Europe.

Instagram: bootsofdenmark



Boots of UK

Gary Lemmon

From The United Kingdom

Gary is, in addition to the manager of Boots of UK, one of our most active journalists at our blog. His reviews are artistic and refreshing, and is appreciated by many of our followers as well as artists. 

Instragam: bootsofuk



Boots of Sweden

Katarina Johansen

From Sweden

Katarina is from Bullaren in Bohuslän, but is now based in Skelleftå. She has always loved country music, but the real connection happened in 2009/10 when she lived in Oslo, Norway and was introduced to a lot of new artists and music. She is excited to help bringing country music to the Swedish music scene!

Instram: Bootsofsweden


Some of our ambassadors would like to be anonymous, and some might with with their presentation. Still, they are all our team members!

Boots of the Netherlands, Boots of Lithuania, Boots of Italy, Boots of Germany, Boots of Russia, Boots of Norway, Boots country Covers

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