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‘The Woman I am’ by Sammie Soravia review

Oppdatert: 11. apr.

'The Woman I am' is being released 5th April 2024, and Sammie tells me it's a song for anyone who has ever felt as bit unsure about who they are or where they're at in life, yet equally they're ready to embrace the next chapter.

It's"about shedding self-doubts and gradually becoming more confident in your own skin. We all have good and bad days and sometimes life just ain't easy, but we have to try and let go of the fears and insecurities that hold us back from doing the things we love ... and go for it!"

In a separate post she details how the song is "dedicated to all the fearless, determined women who chase their dreams against the odds. It is an uplifting song about strength, courage, resilience and unwavering spirit of women who refuse to be held back by fear or doubt."

"I am a woman, I am who I am. I do it my way, I know that I can."

This opening lyric is describing a self awareness of who you are, who you identify as and how you're moving forward, whilst also portraying a self belief 'I know that I can.' Whilst the lyrics references a woman, it could just as easily referenced as a human, but despite the narrative of a woman, I think the message behind the song is universal.

"Sometimes I don't know why, why I'm trying to hide, who I am, and how I feel inside.

I hope one day I'll find a little clarity, peace of mind."

There are moments where we all perhaps feel lost, shy or ashamed of who we are or who we've become. Losing sight of who we are and what our purpose and desires are. We perhaps do this as a coping mechanism, denial of the character before us in the mirror. Yet the lyric is filled with hope that 'one day I'll find a little clarity, peace of mind.' This clarity creates an awakening moment within ourselves; amidst the cloud of uncertainty, there are now beams of sunny rays offering direction in life.

"The woman I am chases dreams because I know I can ... I look, I can see, all life's possibilities. I've got a lot to learn..."

The chorus documents ambition and drive 'chases dreams because I know I can' yet this can also lend itself to suggest a disconnect with reality if we're constantly chasing dreams. Seeing all life's possibilities, suggests a meticulous planner, someone who is organised, and as the song continues some who has 'got a lot to learn.'

'The Woman I Am' touches on who we really are, yet also who have inspired and influenced us along our journey. Whilst the message is universal, I think the song referencing 'woman I am' is also reflective of the history of women, charting right back to the Suffragettes and further and not just the immediate generations.

Sammie's song 'The Woman I Am' is available for downloading and streaming from your usual music platforms from 5th April 2024. Be sure to check out and follow Sammie on her social channels too for more updates on new music and event dates.

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