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‘Travelling Days’ by Paul Gibson review

Oppdatert: 17. aug. 2023

Paul William Gibson is a singer songwriter from Warwickshire who writes original songs with a Country, Folk and Americana flavour. He released 'Travelling Days' on 24 March 2023, and will be releasing a new EP 'Chasing Sunsets' 26 May 2023.

"I've been running rings round the world. The ends of the Earth as I play my game, it calls my name. Always destination unknown. Hours from home. Just a silver rail, a vapour trail."

The song starts with the tone of superiority "running rings round the world" however it can be said it's finding the peace and controlling what you can control in life until "the ends of the Earth... calls my name." It vividly depicts life as despite all the best made plans, our end destination is always unknown because there are so many factors in life to consider. "Hours from home" could mean that we're distant from where we're most ourselves, or simply to our families, who are a train "silver rail" or car "vapour trail"away.

"Tell me that you welcome me back now honey. And I'll give you my word I won't stray."

The pre-chorus details a commitment, and it's easy to assume this is to a partner, but imagine it for yourself. Welcome your true self, and commit to not straying from your inner peace and happiness.

I guess my travelling days are through, and I'll come home to you. Gotta rest my head, take a breath instead. Close my eyes and drift away. Oh my vagabond days are done, and I'm not on the run. Gotta quit the race and unpack my case for the final time today. And this time I'm gonna stay."

This can be taken two ways, either that you've done enough travelling and you've found a place to call home, or metaphorically, you've found your inner self, you've come home. Resting the head, taking a breath and closing eyes, are synonymous with mindful well-being practice. The mention of "vagabond days are gone" meaning that we've found what suits us, we've found what makes us happy and what we call home. It could also mean that you're finally coming face to face with our life and holding ourselves accountable for our decisions. No longer will we dodge and flit around, but we'll stand our ground. We've found our assertiveness.

"I've been punching holes in the miles. The call of the wild's on my bucket list, I can't resist chasing sunsets out to the west. I'd fail the test now I've done my time. I'm back in line."

Punching holes is a clear reference to the tickets confirming a well travelled life. We all want to experience travelling and have bucket list places, but being in nature, hearing it's call means it's treated like a sanctuary; helping to compose our mental state whilst also giving us greater appreciation of wildlife and habitats.

"Tell me that you'll open your door now honey, and you can bolt it shut when I'm in."

This lyric is depicting acceptance. Whether it's of a relationship or of one's self is open to interpretation. However we should never bolt anything shut as it can be unhealthy to lock away emotions and feelings; that's what communication is for.

"Dropping a trail of pebbles every day. Unravelling balls of string to find my way. To find my way home. To find my way home."

The trail of pebbles and ball of string are usually techniques to help find your way back. I guess metaphorically, our life events are those pebbles. Charting our path in life in order to keep us grounded in the present for a more humbling future. Life is a constant journey of discovery, of opportunity and development. The string never ending, until we make our way home, back to our maker.

'Travelling Days' was released 24th March 2023 and is available to stream and download now from all music platforms. Be sure to follow Paul for future music on his social media accounts

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