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‘Still Feels True’ by Daniel Barrie review

Daniel, from Warwickshire in the UK, draws great influence from Country and Americana music, and this summer song demonstrates his signature heart-felt storytelling, accompanied by melodic guitar and a sing-along chorus. Daniel brings together his sharp observational skills and love of melody to infuse each of his wonderful catchy songs about life.

The song lyrics reflect the ups and downs of a relationship, and the song carries an upbeat feeling encouraging the audience to get up and dance along. This song, I've been informed has been a hit with audiences who've seen Daniel live.

"This is definitely my most upbeat and fun project yet and this is so much fun to play live!"

It's produced and mixed by Woodbine Street Studios in Royal Leamington Spa by John Rivers; he also supports the song by playing the drums, bass and organ/keys parts. Daniel not only plays the guitar parts but also sings lead vocal. He was supported by Abi Rowberry on backing vocals and Freya Evans and Caitlyn Williams supported on group vocals. This all culminates in a summer hit, and will have you singing 'I Don't Know' by the end of it.

Straight away you notice the bounce in the song and slowly feel that your lips start to curl.

"Lonely setting sun leaves and takes the light 

No one worries about where he goes or where he sleeps at night 

They know a soon as they need him 

he will rise again

Always the reliable one become the forgotten friend."

The first verse references the sun and whilst this idea compliments the notion of the song being a summer one, could also hold a double meaning. The sun could be a metaphor for that person in our lives who always brings the zest for life, the light. Whilst we may not consciously worry about where they go, because they're so positive, we should also consider what they have to contend with in their lives. They are 'always the reliable one' for a reason, possibly because they've been where you are. Show them your appreciation, don't let them become 'the forgotten friend'. The verse almost depicts the loved up relationship where you return to your separate abodes, but can't wait to see each other again (for the sun to come up again).

"Still got Stubble left from yesterdays shave 

And an hollow bed that still needs to be made 

All I need to do is learn to behave 

But feelings are so strong I always seem to cave 

I wanna say I worth more but when I go to close the door 

I still say I love you, it still feels true."

This verse I think relates to the intimacy of a relationship, and how you may've stayed over and now you've 'still got stubble left from yesterdays shave' and also how the bed 'that still needs to be made'. The lyrics even highlight the heightened emotions and eventually crumbling under it. It also documents how perhaps you want to break things off, yet when you go to do so, you realise you've still got a connection, 'it still feels true'.

"I don’t know, I don’t know 

I don’t know, I don’t know how to feel 

I don’t know, I don’t know 

I don’t know, I don’t know how to feel."

The chorus shows how confused and unsure we can become when in the grips of love; torn between the head and the heart. As referenced earlier, the chorus carries infectiously catchy lyrics, and help make the song more relatable. Whilst the song references about romantic relationships, the same too could be extended to relationships with ourselves, and the inner turmoil the chorus presents is us trying to get a handle on our life and make important decisions.

"I see the flying eagle dive and fall, we forget there's magic within us all.

Sometimes you need to be alone, to watch yourself grow 

Still struggling to find out who I really am."

This verse has beautiful imagery comparing love and life to that of an eagle (breaking away from the conventional rollercoaster analogy). It shows how we can have moments of broadening clarity and when we dive in for the prize sometimes our vision becomes more clouded and obscured. The verse does however hold a strong message 'we forget there's magic within us all.' Proving that we hold the key to our own destiny. It extends the powerful message by reassuring that 'sometimes you need to be alone, to watch yourself grow' and with that an acceptance that we haven't all arrived to where we want to be yet. Sometimes life isn't as straight forward as we hoped and we can be left feeling like we're 'still struggling to find out who I really am.'

The song returns to the bridge and chorus continuing the jubilant positive vibe within the song. Coming out of the chorus are the lines

"This times changed us,

These photo just frame us 

to be something we’re not anymore."

This signifies that life events are just moments in time, and that these moments in isolation don't define who we are and collectively portray a fraction of your personality. Some moments depict turbulent times in our lives and others less so, but both show who and what we were compared to looking in the mirror at who we've become today.

The bridge and chorus repeate once more closing out the song.

'Still Feels True' was released 28th July 2023 and is available to download and stream now from your usual music platform. Go check out his social media pages where he's recently been doing 10 days of original music from 1st September, all great hits in the making too!

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