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‘White Horses’ by Lincoln Skins review

Lincoln Skins are a two piece act (James Dean and Rebecca Nudd-Valentine) with great ambition and a positive outlook on their musical journey. Meeting 25 years ago at a jamming session, they’ve found great joy and satisfaction in making and sharing music.

Officially formed in 2019, Lincoln Skins (originally a slang term used by cowboys for describing $5 bills) have continued to captivate fans with a signature sound.

I’m told that the ‘White Horses’ represent crashing waves whilst Becs was out running. Becs likes a good run and was running along the sea front when her brother passed away. The sea front reminds her of him, and on the day in question the weather was windy and choppy. The lyrics started whilst she was out on her run and she’s captured an amazing photo and it’s beautiful to see how the song is depicted (see below).

From listening to the song, I get a sense of appreciation for life, with images of things we take for granted. I had considered that the ‘White Horses’ represent purity and freedom. The start of the song is set off nicely with the sound of crashing waves, giving a clear hint to its reflective and thought provoking lyrics.

“The wind was cold as I walked 

It ripped my breath from my chest 

And days like these are the hard ones the darkness has strength I can't test 

You reach my thoughts like before 

A constant game that I play 

To feel the guilt that you're not here feeling sad over being alive.”

The first verse captures how cruel and aggressive the sea and its coastal winds can be and paints a wonderful imagery for the audience. The verse also draws upon the dark times we encounter, complimenting such a complex matter with nature is somewhat refreshing and telling of how best to overcome these difficult times.

When we lose a loved one, it’s not uncommon for there to be a mix of emotions. It’s an interesting connection between our feelings and that of a game, suggesting that there are perhaps winners and losers; when in fact it’s far less clear cut. Whilst those that remain are fortunate to have a life, it’s inevitably never the same without them, despite them being ever-present in your memory. This is their lasting legacy.

“But then I saw the white horses

I saw them rise from the sea 

And for a moment in time I thought that I'd lost my mind this couldn't be 

I felt the mist touch my face 

I licked the salt from my lips 

It's like you reached out to me so very tenderly with your fingertips.”

As touched on earlier, I had believed that the ‘White Horses ‘ represented purity and freedom, and in some respects that still stands. Purity of the soul from passing, and the freedom the soul and those left behind can have from embracing the memories with their departed. Of course the chorus was about the sea, which is further enhanced by reference of the mist, the spray of the sea in the breeze, even down to the salt caught on the lips.

It’s a beautiful personification of the sea waves stirring as though they’re calling the souls of the deceased and maintaining a connection with their loved ones.

“For a while I was gone 

From where I stood all alone 

And I danced in your arms with the waves crashing down round our feet 

Then we raced with the tide 

Leaving distance behind 

And we left all our fears in a place full of tears to be free But.”

This verse documents how when we’re around nature and tranquil settings, able to reflect on the world, we are gone. We’ve temporarily left the present and have drifted to memories accompanying those lost loved ones. However standing alone and being ‘gone’ could also reference the isolation faced, not only in bereavement but in life more generally. The lyric of racing with the tide evokes a very emotional message whereby we’re all chasing time; how sometimes it comes and goes.

The song returns to the chorus where we are reminded of the white horses, repeating once more before closing out the song.

‘White Horses’ was released 11th March 2024 so is available to download and stream on your usual music platforms. Please do check them out on social media where you’ll be able to find where they’re touring and performing.

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