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‘Stand By Me’ by Andy Hewitt review.

Oppdatert: 17. aug. 2023

Andy was previously featured for his song "When I Sing Our Song", and has now brought out an acoustic Country version of an Oasis song.

"For anybody that knows me this release may come as a surprise as I never play covers, however this particular track has a special significance."

In 2005 Andy's sister asked to record a full band version of the song for her A Level project. Andy has revitalised the track to match his current style and it is truly breathtaking. The release includes the 2005 copy as the B side.

"Made a meal and threw it up on Sunday

I've got a lot of things to learn

Said I would and I'll be leaving one day

Before my heart starts to burn"

This verse could represent the opportunities we create for ourselves, only to then throw it away at the final hurdle. It acknowledges we have a lot to learn. "Said I would and I'll be leaving one day" could be reference to our dreams from our younger selves, and before the heart burns of disappointment and personal pressure.

"So what's the matter with you?

Sing me something new

Don't you know the cold and wind and rain don't know

They only seem to come and go away"

"What's the matter with you?" can be seen as reference to our mental health, and singing something new, could be perceived as wanting to change the record from mental health, but equally could mean singing another song to develop your creativity, enabling the conversation to remain fresh and current.

"Times are hard when things have got no meaning

I've found a key upon the floor

Maybe you and I will not believe in

The things we find behind the door."

When things have no meaning, it's hard to see its purpose, this includes negative thoughts about our life and the contemplation of suicide. However as the lyric suggests we always find the metaphorical key when we're on the floor and hit rock bottom. The disbelief for what lies behind the door is perhaps relating to self confidence in ourselves for the future.

Returning to the chorus of "what's the matter with you?" It's comparable to asking again 'how are you' and 'how are you really.''

"If you're leaving will you take me with you?

I'm tired of talking on my phone

There is one thing I can never give you

My heart will never be your home"

This lyric perhaps demonstrating the love between individuals, whereby one cannot live without the other and so is wanting them to take them with them. Whilst the 'tired of talking on the phone' lyric is very much directed towards no longer being able to talk to them directly. They are aware that they can't give their heart to their lost love, but they remain in the memories.

"Stand By Me" was released 17th April 2023 and is available for download and streaming now!

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