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Snake Like You - Eleri Angharad review

Eleri recently got in touch with me to review her upcoming song 'Snake Like You' (released 14th October 2022), and is a collaboration with Millie Blooms (her producer, but also a Welsh hip-hop artist herself). The title instantly struck me, how powerful this could be, yet how full of deceit and hurt the song could also convey.

2022 has certainly been an incredible year for Eleri, such as being the second Welsh person to play C2C festival earlier this year, to supporting other incredible acts such as Kezia Gill and Tim Prottey-Jones to name a few.

If you're a fan of Miranda Lambert, Elle King, Kezia Gill or Laura Evans then this track may certainly be up your street too!

Eleri tells me how 'Snake Like You' is about the dodgy slimy salespeople you encounter, the types of people who chance their luck. This certainly becomes apparent with lyrics such as "Sat patiently waiting for a fool, you can sink your teeth into"; clearly depicting their culture like characteristics.

"Everybody wants to take a bite, Promise the world if the price is right, Wrap around and squeeze out the life"

That's the thing with salespeople, they're all chasing their commission, but the same could be said for so called 'friends' who always use you as a sounding board, asking for advice or support, yet when the boot is on the other foot, are nowhere to be seen, making it a draining relationship.

"Once bitten and you’re twice as shy, Give em a ladder and the snakes will climb, Everybody’s like a friend you didn’t know you’d need

Pick you up just to let you fall, Sell you a dream just to take it all, Like you’re a meal ticket paying for their feed."

Eleri also provides a different reference to being two faced in the lyric "Your suit fits well like a second skin should." A reference to the facade salespeople adopt in order to make a sale, but could also be perceived as a new take on being two faced.

Interestingly Millie sings "Sucking out your poison I'm be shedding this skin, Pulling out your teeth I got a jar to put 'em in." This could relate to the false promises they sell you, or even to the lies told in a relationship, trying to remove all trace. "Pulling out your teeth I got a jar to put 'em in" sounds like trophy collecting, almost like a momento of the lesson learnt from that salesperson, friendship or relationship. Being able to remind yourself of lessons learnt is never a bad thing and keeps you grounded and conscious to the scams that can happen in life.

All in all a very edgy song that keeps you on your toes. Eleri is an absolute talent and "know that I (Eleri) won't play your game."

Snake Like You is released 14 October 2022, and will be available on all streaming platforms.

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