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‘My Old Street’ by Andrew Jones review

Andrew Jones is an accomplished British Country music singer/songwriter and has been part of the UK scene for well over a decade, however draws inspiration from many genres.

“For me, it doesn’t really matter what genre a song is, if you like it then you like it. I listen to all sorts of music and that helps me come up with different ideas when writing.”

'My Old Street' was released 2nd June 2023 and reflects on lessons learnt and the eventual paths his son may tread.

Andrew tells me how Country music is synonymous with being truthful and the song will strike a chord with many.

"We all have that place that will remain home no matter how far we travel, and this track pays homage to that."

When they say make a song, a story from what you know, then art really does imitate life.

"It all started, when I moved here as a young one.

My first school and the friendships that I yearn.

Some good times, and some I can't remember. I won't forget the lessons that I've learnt."

The first verse clearly charting his early years and what we all remember most is the friendships, which is most prominent here. Equally in focus here are the lessons that we all learn from a young age, although intentionally vague, these lessons are practically a right of passage for any childhood.

"It's my little town and all those memories. Sure ain't much but it's more than enough for me. So find a spot for me, at the end of my old street."

Nostalgia means we can remember the faintest quirks about anything, however is usually associated with places and the people we shared though memories with. Some towns may not seem like they have a lot to offer, or perhaps have an appeal, however they are where we call home. We may have ambitions to move and live elsewhere, yet we'll always gravitate back towards 'home', a bit like the 'spot' at the 'end of my old road'.

"Now I've settled, in the town that I grew up in. With my first house, and a baby on the way. I'll show him all the things we love about it, and teach him from the mistakes that I've made."

Amidst all the chaos of life we can find calm, peace and solice somewhere the either is, or emulates the environment of our home town. This allows us to steadily build to milestones such as 'my first house, and a baby on the way.' It also references the role of a parent, passing down wisdom obtained 'from the mistakes that I've made.' It encapsulates these milestones beautifully, and provides great imagery, only enhancing the beautiful nostalgia of the song.

The song returns to the chorus before continuing to reference how much your home town, and indeed "My Old Street" lures you back.

"It won't matter just how far you roam.When you go away it pulls you home."

There is something magnetic about your hometown, and how for whatever reason, you keep being lured back home. Whilst we may want to break away, explore the world and find ourselves, sometimes we don't need to travel anywhere to find ourselves, and our purpose.

"You've grown up, in the town that I was raised in. Your first beer, and a whiskey on the way. And I'm praying, that you take after your mother, and try and avoid the regrets I can't change."

This verse is evidently portraying the legacy and full circle moment of raising your own offspring in the same hometown, perhaps even still in the family home. I find it interesting citing the rite of passage of beer drinking with the nod to maturity (much like the story of the song) to whiskey. There's also reference to where we acquire our traits from, and how we can slowly change history by not reliving the same mistakes our predecessors made.

Returning once again to the chorus, it slowly fades out concluding the song, reminding us of the nostalgia of "My Old Street".

"My Old Street" was released 2nd June 2023, and is available to stream and download from your usual streaming service.

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