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‘My Kinda Summer’ by Mikol Frachey review

Oppdatert: 16. aug. 2023

Mikol, an Italian Country artist who has previously delivered 'My Whole Life In A Memory' amongst many other hits, has released 'My Kinda Summer' which came out 16th June 2023, and is both written and composed by Mikol herself.

Mikol tells me that the song came about following a songwriting class where they needed to challenge themselves more.

"I've realized that the real challenge for me was writing something light-hearted, happy and dreamy. Lately I tend to be very introspective in my lyrics and sometimes a little sad and dark so I've said to myself: let's write an happy song. I've failed for the first 30 minutes so I've put on a movie on Netflix that was about some teenagers trying to living their best summers. Well then I've picked up my guitar and 20 minutes later there was My Kinda Summer." 

Mikol continues to tell me how she thinks Country Rock will be her direction for future records. She tells me that "Carrie Underwood has been a big inspiration for this one.".

"Welcome on board, this is your damn cowgirl, buckle up."

Starting with an introduction very similar to that of boarding a plane, the song starts highlighting a stereotypical Summer, where most jet off on holiday.

"I wanna get in the shower at three in the morning

Then wake up when people are already partying.

No one who complains if I don't make my bed

Don't find any reason to call back my ex."

The first verse details getting up early for a shower, now this is perhaps to best utilise the day for venturing out and making the most of the day; yet perhaps this is due to the jet lag or time zone difference. As for waking up when the party's already started, then it is perhaps demonstrating how we enjoy the fast paced life, the energy, the action, and of course, the music! Whilst on holiday, enjoying Summer, then one luxury is perhaps not needing to make your bed, yet many may find it habitual to still make it presentable for housekeeping to maintain, not least for personal standards. As for contacting an ex, it's possible that this Sunmer vacation may offer its own holiday romance.

"Sun, hearts and bonfire burning

Road, stage and you singing with me"

Much like most Summers, the sun shines gloriously, much like your heart does when you're so deeply besotted and in love. Whilst the song focuses on Summer, it's interesting how reference to Autumn (bonfire burning) also features. This earmarks the end of Summer and the start of many long, dark, drawn-out nights.

"Spin around on roller coasters

Head in the clouds, backpack on my shoulders

I wanna feel like never before

Big city crowds, break small town borders Growing up without getting older

I wanna finally moving on

It's my kinda summer, it's my kinda summer oh My kinda summer, it's my kinda summer ah ah"

Summer is the time for fairground rides and big excursions, possibly even hiking. Summer vacations can provide the escape that we need, focusing away from the stresses of daily life as we live in the moment. Mikol also references the population shift between big cities and small town, hinting that being away from the hustle and bustle of the city creates a more enjoyable and relaxing vacation and indeed lifestyle. This shift in mindset links perfectly with the lyric 'Growing up without getting older' because generally, not always of course, however when we're young we're so ambitious and want fo head to the big cities to make a name for ourselves, and earn an honest living, yet as we grow older and we revert to the tranquility of the small towns, reminiscing on our childhoods; running freely in fields, playing sports, and cycling for hours just a few memories that personally spring to mind. All in all, Mikol is making it clear that she is depicting 'It's my kinda summer' and what we describe our Summer as could be abundantly different, and that's fine too.

"I wanna jump from the riff wearing my best dress

Show off the tattoo I've got on my right hip (oh and look at my best friend!) Fix everything sipping a drink

Living along like in a country song"

'Jump from the riff wearing my best dress' is perhaps reference to a holiday romance. The weather evidently so good that you're able to 'show off the tattoo I've got on my right hip'. Perhaps this encounter didn't go as planned as Mikol then references fixing 'everything sipping a drink', conversely as she's not throwing them back, it could be that whilst that romance is over, she could be trying to sip her drink hoping to catch someone else's eye. This is perhaps all best summed up in the final part of the verse 'living along like in a country song' because Country songs are generally about relationships, be that with yourself, or with others, romantically or otherwise.

The song then returns to the chorus where it is followed by another inflight announcement:

"Attention we're going through some bad thoughts. We advise you to grab a drink and don't think about it) Press button rewind if I ain't doing fine."

As the song draws to a close, it is perhaps suggestive that this verse, more spoken word than sung, is depicting the return flight home, and the 'some bad thoughts' relate to leaving as opposed to anything else. The suggestion of grabbing a drink and not thinking about it fits with drowning your sorrows of a holiday, or the Summer, coming to an end.

Returning once again to the chorus, the song plays out with one final message:"Press button rewind if I ain't doing fine." Mikol has kept the theme together really well, including so much detail in the lyrics, especially keeping the announcement like on the plane again, but also in terms of 'Press button rewind' on the in flight entertainment package; however it could also be that you've become engrossed in a promotional holiday video and wanting to rewind to actually relive it and experience it in person.

"My Kinda Summer" was released 16th June 2023 and is available to stream and download now.

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