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My Grandparents and Me review - by Sarah Louise

This beautifully nostalgic song will have you all reliving your own childhood memories, and thinking of loved ones.

Sarah Louise explains that there's a special and significant reason why 'My Grandparents and Me' is being released on a Tuesday (18th October). It soon becomes evident once you here the first couple of lines.

"Every Tuesday when I was a little girl, I would see my grandparents, they were my whole world."

Sarah Louise draws on personal memories to encapsulate the love and sentiment provided by her grand parents. She recounts how she'd go on adventures with them, discovering places she'd never been before.

Within the song, there is a strong message; a message of which her Grandad would keep instilling in her "your music will take you far". We all have music within us, not least the rhythm of our hearts. Equally it could be expressed that musical notes are the stepping stones in the score of our lives. Some may compliment each other, whilst others not so much.

Everyone must remember one detail about their Grandparents, whether it's being spoilt with treats, or indeed their character. They'd have their own specialities. Sarah Louise recalls

"Salad sandwiches and lemonade for a treat, Midnight snacks with my Nan, of oranges so sweet."

Grandparents don't just make you feel full with food, but of love too. "Making me feel like I always had it all" and

"I would walk through the door, and they would always know. They would always cuddle me, I wouldn't let them go. I know they are there, watching over me".

This song is a fitting tribute to Grandparents and the memories they help forge in our young minds.

If you're keen to hear it before release then check out her Instagram of a recent performance at Tennessee Brew Works

'My Grandparents and Me is out Tuesday 18th October 2022, and you can pre- save it here:

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