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‘Monster’ - Meghan Clarisse Cave review

Oppdatert: 17. aug. 2023

Meghan is a folky singer songwriter with Country roots whilst drawing inspiration from the likes of Sheryl Crow, Steve Earle, Patty Griffin, Dolly Parton and The Turnpike Troubadours.

'Monster' Meghan tells me is about being with her ex boyfriend , but it's not about him per se, but how terrible he thought she was. "He didn't treat me very well and this song felt so powerful to write." Meghan continues to tell me that it's one of her favourites to play live and is "pretty rock in' with the full band" and is so empowering to play and sing.

'Monster' is the first track on her 'Songs from the Sofa' album which was released 12th February 2023.

"I was waiting, for someone like you. So much waiting, and you finally came through .

I told you forever and I wouldn't lie. But you couldn't do the same you didn't even try."

It's clear from this first verse that it's a tale of love, and equally soul searching. 'So much waiting' allowing time for reflection and holding out for 'the one' who matches your energy, bringing the same level of commitment to the relationship.

"Now I'm seeing red

You said only a monster would say the things I've said

You won't give me what I need

Twist the knife and watch me bleed

But when I'm feeling this lonely and low

You don't know how far this monster will go

You don't know how far this monster will go"

Going red is synonymous with anger and is depicting the monster like state we go to when people don't match your standards or provide what we thought they could provide. The red could also be a premonition to what is to come "twist the knife and watch me bleed" it is ambiguous as to whether it is a physical or metaphorical stabbing. I think the chorus also neatly encaptures the notion that when we're in low moods and spirits "you don't know how far this monster will go."

"I gave you everything I had and you didn't give anything back. They say good girls shouldn't get so mad, but you shouldn't treat a girl like that."

This is a firm reminder that a relationship is transactional exchange, we give love, we take love, we give time and we make time. In order to make it thrive, it's worth all the investment in what you can give, and how you deal with what you receive. Whilst gender is mentioned here, it's not always this way, of course there are different relationship types, but whether in a homosexual or heterosexual relationship the moral of the song still holds true.

And you'll say I'm weak,

Insecure and incomplete

But I know the secrets you keep

And you won't put this monster to sleep."

What is weakness? Is there really such a thing? Many consider being vulnerable and sharing your story is weak, but it's your strength! Every time you mention it you should feel stronger, you've lived through all the judgement, struggle and its others lack of empathy and understanding that tries to belittle this. We all have our story, and let no one stop you from being your true self. They can't 'put this monster to sleep'.

You can find Meghan on social media and music streaming platforms and her 'Songs From the Sofa' album is out now!

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