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‘Maybe He Already Knows’ by Foreign Affairs review

Bristol based duo 'Foreign Affairs' have released 'Maybe He Already Knows' on 31st March 2023. The song was written shortly after their father had been diagnosed with a rare and late stage brain tumour in 2021 and sees the duo return to a more acoustic-driven production that places the importance on the emotion and message behind the song.

“It was important to us that the song felt hopeful, knowing that there was always a ‘fighting chance’ that things would work out. We’re happy with the way we captured all of the emotions and chaos of moments like that; fear, hope, anger and the feeling of wanting to run but needing to stay.”
The opening line ‘I don’t know if they have told him, he ain’t coming home until the autumn, he waves at me through the window, maybe he already knows’ is a flashback to the brothers waving up at their dad through the hospital window in Bristol during COVID restrictions when visits were not permitted.

Uncertainty is the fear of the unknown, a sentiment that was shared by many during the Covid pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. Equally whilst waiting for a diagnosis it can be rather unsettling for all involved. Sometimes we already know, but don't want to hurt the loved ones around us, or burden them so continue for as long as we can without disclosing. If there's one thing that's certain, sharing is definitely the best way forward; that way you're not carrying it alone.

"She tells me how she has missed you, as she gets another tissue,

it ain't been the same back at home, maybe he already knows"

We all miss our loved ones when they need to be away from us, whether that be for work of medical reasons. Tissues, family and memories are our only comforts until we meet again. Home is never the same without their personality, their character and their infectious energy. Conversely from their fathers perspective (or anyone else whose away from family) I'm sure that they know how much they are loved and that everyone is missing them.

"Life ain't so easy take your time

Just get by now don't you give it up

I'll be here right by your side

Just get by now don't you give it up."

This verse provides a reminder that although life may be short, and we want to race through it making many accomplishments, much like a car journey you miss out on so much from the window. Blink and it's gone. It's suggesting a pleasant amble through life, to be able to enjoy what's around us, loved ones, nature, and be present in the moment. Getting by and not giving up clearly relates to the treatment being undertaken, but is also reflective of life itself. We 'get by' and although sometimes life can be a struggle or overwhelming, we've always someone by our side to support us through it all.

"Take a chance, play the hand

Maybe you can escape

Just hope it goes the right way"

Sometimes we don't like the hand we're dealt and we try and change it, rather than accept it, not realising everything will turn out fine anyway. It's a choice, stick with the hand you're dealt, or mix the pack and try dealing your own cards; always hoping whichever decision you make is the right one.

"Take a chance, all we have at the end of the day Is to hope it goes the right way It's just perpetual emotions, we've been here before and we noticed That he don't get stressed no more Maybe he already knows"

This verse touches on how nothing is a given, or can be taken for granted. It can be taken as well as given. It's all a game of chance. It also touches on being self aware; conscious of our emotions, feelings and mental well-being. Life can be a cycle of events, making us feel "we've been here before" when in fact it's a variation of something.

"We sit and we wait for the call now

For 17 hours we thought how

We can't be without you at home

Maybe he already knows"

The uncertainty is further displayed in this verse where reference is made to length of time having to wait; sadly this is an all to familiar issue across the health service at the moment due to staff being overstretched and overwhelmed with demand. This lyric also captures what we all feel when waiting for a similar call. We can't be without them, for they mean so much to us.

The song then returns to "Life ain't so easy take your time ... Just get by now don't you give it up." and also concludes with a remind to "Take a chance, play the hand." A very subtle reminder to live the life we've got.

Released on 31st March 2023, the song is now available on all music platforms.

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