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‘Live Wire’ by Eleri review

Oppdatert: 17. aug. 2023

Eleri has delivered yet another incredible song for our enjoyment. Released on 12th July 2023, 'Live Wire' follows on from her previous releases including 'Big For Your Boots' and 'Good For A Girl'. 'Live Wire' also signals the build up to her 'The Carnival' EP launch on 13th October this year

"This was one of the very first songs written for the album, and it's been incredible to see it go through the writing process from a demo on Zoom to a fully-fledged single."

Eleri's writing is so strong and emotive, however the song was co-written by Katie Buckland. It was also produced by both Millie Blooms and Dan Fry and recorded at Monmouth Studios. Eleri continues to tells me how when she's previewed the song at a few shows over the past year, many ask whether it's about a good or bad relationship experience.

"Live Wire captures the electric energy of a turbulent relationship; the thrilling exhilarating feeling that teeters on the brink of being troublesome and dangerous. It’s a question to whether in you’re in love with the person or getting swept away by the intense passion that you’re entangled in."

Eleri counts the song in and instantly you feel the buzz, the energy and her passion for music.


Like stepping on a live wire

Heart is going haywire

My pulse trips into you"

Of course it's not safe nor advisable to step on a live wire, but this is perhaps a metaphor for the fast paced world we're living in. 'My pulse trips into you' is perhaps a more romantic stance to the electrical reference.

"Feel the current start in my fingers

Shoots straight up to my brain

Feel you all over me when I hear your name

You know how to make an entrance

Sparks running through my mind

Just one touch of you setting me alight"

The 'current start in my fingers' is perhaps a reference to not only physiological & neurological currents, but also how our touch can ignite the circuits of another 'feel you all over me when I hear your name.' Love, true passionate love is also referred to as being electric, which is certainly captured throughout the song by Eleri and Katie. 'Sparks running through my mind, just one touch of you setting me alight' evidently displaying how even in love, while sparks fly, it's also possible to get burnt too.

"Like stepping on a live wire

Heart is going haywire

My pulse trips into you

I'm stepping on your live wire

Baby turn it up higher

My love burns into the electrics of you"

The chorus is certainly a catchy one, and the current of love and passion is still ever present throughout the chorus, even at times feeling like you're being turned up higher.

"Just one move and there's static

You take charge of the switch

Warning signs but I can't resist"

Reference to static only serves to remind us how it's not uncommon for opposites to attract. Static usually means friction and yet sometimes we notice the warning signs, but you can't resist going against polarising views of others, challenging them and yourself.

"We keep running the circuit

One moment off then we're on

You always blow a fuse and we're gone"

This verse is very much depicting the good, the bad and the ugly of relationships. Sometimes it's not a fuse that's blown, but might be a break in the cable, in our connection to each other, in our own cognitions.

Much like the current returning through the circuit, the song returns to the chorus.

"So Turn it up up up oh oh

Turn it up up up oh oh

Burn it up up up oh oh

We're burning up 0000oh

Like stepping on a live wire"

Turning it up can be dangerous, not only in current, but in love too. The harder we love, the harder we fall when things don't go right. The burning up also suggestive of the heat given off by th passion of loving so hard.

'Live Wire' was released 12th July 2023 and forms part of Eleri's upcoming EP 'The Carvival' launching 13th October 2023, with the next song to be released called 'Karaoke' releasing 11th August 2023. If you have Spotify, you can help Eleri as an unsigned artist by presaving her new song here.

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