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‘I Would Still Pick You’ by Robbie Harte review

Released 22nd September 2023, Robbie's song sweeps listeners away, celebrating the once in a lifetime love that you would choose over and over again.

"Even If I knew then

What I know now

I wouldn't change a thing

Cause baby somehow

You walked in

and swept me off of my feet

You bring out the best in me

I'd be right here

In the same place

I'd be making the same mistakes

after all that we've been through

Baby I would still pick you."

The song starts with the chorus, with a catchy tune, and reflects how even if we knew previously what we know now, then nothing would change. Perhaps showing confidence in your convictions. It also charts a somewhat fairytale image of being swept off your feet, be that literally or metaphorically.

The beauty of this lyric is that it encapsulates love and a strong relationship as "you bring out the best in me."

"Boyish smile, the gray in your hair

I'll take it all, Baby I don't care

That your boots are dirty

Cause your soul is clean

Your rough hands

Built our home and dreams

We didn't know what the future would hold."

This lyric recounts how much you want to be together, picking out such detail "boyish smile" and "gray in your hair" perhaps suggesting a point of maturity in each other. Whilst it could be interpreted that there are no standards being kept "I'll take it all, baby I don't care", it could also mean that you're not prepared to have potential barriers (such as baggage) come between you both.

Reference to the dirty boots and clean soul could be suggestive of our past; whatever transgressions have happened, we're starting from a clean slate so to speak. Description of the hands shows how much we admire a provider. If they're physical with their hands then perhaps this is also metaphorical of having a handle on their lives, being eager to go and make things happen. We may not know what the future may hold, but we can certainly help shape it!

The song returns for the pre and the chorus.

"Soft kiss on my forehead

When I have a hard day

Your arms around me

When there are no words to say

Like my fingers on this guitar

You have your hands wrapped ‘round my heart."

These lyrics really portray the true ideal of being in love, and is very in keeping with the rest of the song. The musicality is light and reflects a hopeful feeling almost suggestive that this is fantasising about what love could be, or how it moves to the next level. Regardless of being romantic love or mutual love, we all at some stage need arms around us when words fail us.

What I find most interesting is how the lyrics directly reference how much music can mean to us "like my fingers on this guitar, you have your hands wrapped 'round my heart." Whether it's a lyric, a chord, rhythm or genre, music has the power to evoke powerful emotion.

The song 'I Would Still Pick You' is available for purchasing, downloading and streaming from your preferred music platforms.

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