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I Don’t Drink - by Katie Harrison - Review

Katie returns with the second single from her upcoming EP, the heartfelt and honest ‘I Don’t Drink’. A surprise drop, I Don’t Drink tells an all too familiar tale of joking our way through our emotional unavailability. With comforting melody lines laced between warm guitar licks, this single feels like a chat with your best friend over coffee, who’s telling you to follow your heart over your mind.

Katie tells me that the title is to be taken however it rings true to you, whether it be literally or metaphorically. She had originally intended it as an almost sarcastic response, for instance when being invited out. This would then mean a no thanks to being invited out. Therefore this song is a symbolism of having control over yourself, your temptations and your desires. Katie also details that, much like myself, "I don't drink much because I don't find any joy in that, but everyone around me seems to a heck of a lot!"

The song also seems to tackle the emotions and demons that come with drinking.

"Getting close to anyone never worked out in my favour, Friday nights are better spent alone, I'm not one for playing games but to settle down would scare me away and sometimes two makes a crowd"

This would suggest that we are comfortable in our own company, and whilst everyone else is out hitting the town getting merry; you remain true to yourself focusing on you and your needs. The latter half of this lyric is perhaps suggesting a level of maturity that they are uncomfortable with "settling down" but at the moment "two makes a crowd".

Katie goes on to suggest that they'd be open to something at some point in the future.

"Boy I'd love to get to know you someday down the line, A little less asking questions, a little just passing time, if I'm addicted to the chase I'm sorry, it's a stupid game of mine."

Perhaps she's detailing her openess to a friendship with drink, and acquiring a taste for it? Or perhaps she's referring to herself, because she leads on to mention about asking questions, well, as we get to know ourselves more we have less questions about ourselves. Finding ourselves can be a lifelong mission to some, whilst others find their vocation in life. Perhaps this is "the chase" or "stupid game" being referenced here?

"The outskirts of the action watching from afar, Don't get involved, you'll end up with a hole in your heart."

This could either mean watching her friends drinking, having fun and making fools of themselves, whilst being fully conscious "you'll end up with a hole in your heart", basically, something missing, be it memory, or a love one. Perhaps Katie is talking objectively about her life, and warning others that they'll get hurt if they seek comfort in the bottle and burn themselves out on booze?

Katie is quite upbeat with this track, certainly the musicality suggests as much, but lyrically too:

"But the middle of nowhere's in the middle of somewhere, And I will get there sometime."

Katie finishes the song reiterating that she doesn't drink and is good at hiding what she really means:

"Don't take me at face value darling it's been way too long, I'm good at excuses when I'm long long gone, I wish that I could make this, and my feet were on the ground, But I don't drink anyway honey and I'm not around.

I Don't Drink is out today, October 7th 2022, and you can expect more from Katie soon as she is releasing her debut EP 'I Hate 22' October 21st.

You can keep up to date with her on her Instagram profile

Katie Harrisis definitely a rising star and one to keep track of! She is such an incredible talent and success is bound to follow her. Check her out.

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