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‘Consequences’ by Amy Moore review

Oppdatert: 17. aug. 2023

If you're a fan of Lainey Wilson, Ashley Cooke and Maren Morris, then Amy Moore is right up your street!

'Consequences' is the EP's first single that is a sad girl anthem, telling an all too familiar story of loving so deeply that that your own feeling of self is altered. Whether it's for the worse or better, it always results in growth. It's produced by Puzzle Maker Studios.

Starting with light strumming and a gentle synchopated beat the song continues to have a light heart melody whilst also then tackling the topic of love.

"I’m worried I might have sobered up

From the years that I was drunk on you

Came to an end when I gave it thought

But that wasn’t till you said we’re through"

Personally this verse is telling me how we've now discovered how much of a veil being deeply in love blinded us to the reality of a person. Of course there is such a thing as love, but what it's saying is that once you've got over the initial attraction, giving it thought is proving that they're not 'the one', however this consideration is usually done too late, and once hearts, and relationships are broken.

"Loving you had consequences

I know that now that now I’ve crossed your fences

Hit the ground like a crash of senses

I threw away, my own defences"

The chorus details how love shouldn't have conditions, but having consequences is almost habitual. From loving too hard to not enough, there will always be 'consequences'. Reference to fences is a clear indication of boundaries and that these have been crossed. Inevitably when a relationship breaks down it's difficult to process emotions, leaving us in a spin, only to then 'Hit the ground like a crash of senses'. We realise that in order to make it work, we'd thrown away so much of ourselves. Love isn't about compromising on yourself, it's about embracing each other, quirks and all!

"Like anything, an addict’s vice

You cannot see you're hooked

Till someone else reaches out

But still I never looked."

Love is a drug, we all crave it. To feel love and to give love. It's well concealed, but to the outside eye can appear as an infatuation, an obsession. Sometimes all it takes is for 'someone else reaches out' to show us the light, cast a new light on the veil of love that has been blinding us, meaning that we 'never looked'. The song continues back to the chorus before giving us a bridge.

"I didn’t want to see the light

I didn’t want to startle

I bathed in blissful ignorance

Blinded by the sparkle"

Not wanting to see the light is perhaps referencing the denial we have once we realise that we've been duped and we're taken for a ride, a fool. Sometimes, perhaps we are well aware of what is going on and want to continue in 'blissful ignorance' because as they say 'better the devil you know'. "Blinded by the sparkle' can mean either by the razzmatazz of the lies and deceit, or the brightness of your new life.

The song then concludes with a duplicated chorus, perhaps intentional to remind us not to let love allow us to throw away our defences.

'Consequences' was released 31st May 2023, and was produced by Puzzle Maker Studios. It's available from all streaming platforms.

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