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‘Comin’ Back For You’ by Derek Randall - review

Derek creates a high energy, Country infused Rock music; and whilst 'Comin' Back For You' is more on the side of Rock, there are still subtle Country markers.

The song is about a toxic relationship that comes with chasing your dreams. Getting kicked in the dirt, but just getting back up and letting nothing deter you.

This song features as a debut on his "How We Get Down" EP. Comprising of 10 songs, 5 Country and 5 Rock. They all fit together perfectly, so beautifully. Derek tells me how when writing, there's never a set genre, it's more about the storytelling of the song. This allows the song to be relatable and have the desired impact on the audience.

“I play music for the connection,” Derek explains. “I love how music brings people of all backgrounds together. Especially at live events. It doesn’t matter your background or where you may be headed in life. At that moment the crowd and the band become one and share that moment. That moment can never be taken away from us.”

"I need to open my

Eyes to medicating with these strings

Cause there is nothing like

Satisfying all your selfish needs

I knew you wouldn’t understand

I knew this wasn’t gunna last

I close my eyes so I don’t see

the f***ed up things you do to me"

Reference to opening eyes can be seen as some form of enlightenment, yet "medicating with these strings" clearly represents how music can sooth, and in some cases, heal us all. Derek details how music satifies our "selfish needs" and in it's own way is also serving as a therapy. Some people don't understand the significance of music, the power of storytelling within a song and is perhaps what's referenced when he says "I knew you wouldn't understand". We close our eyes when listening to music to escape one world with all its hatred and negativity, and travel to another, one full of creativity positivity and potential. One where we connect with ourselves, with the story and the lyrics.

"I need, to know

This isn’t like before

Cause right from, the start

You were tearin’ me apart Whoa, whoa

I’m comin' back for you"

We all have an innate sense of desire to know, whether it's knowledge to use to grow personally and or professionally, or for reassurance, to settle our racing minds. The uncertainty of not knowing "tearing me apart" yet we make a promise to ourselves "I'm comin' back for you" essentially showing we won't leave a question unanswered.

"Are you satisfied

Rippin out my heart before you leave

Cause there is nothing like

Opening these scars you gave to me I know you’re never gunna learn

I know that this is gunna hurt

You're stuck in make believe

So f*** you and your memories"

This lyric perhaps a nod to something that has drawn the life out of you, effectively "rippin out my heart" resulting in losing a sense of self, purpose and direction. "Opening these scars you gave to me" could be suggested is referring to therapy of some sort as in order to move on you have to acknowledge what the cause is, and why you feel that way. Realising that reliving the trauma won't be easy "I know that this is gunna hurt" yet also realising that "You're stuck in make believe" if you're trying to make changes without changing anything, or learning more about yourself.

"Comin' Back For You" is available now from your streaming services and is the debut on his "How We Get Down" EP which was released April 20. "How We Get Down" breaks genre boundaries. It showcases anthemic fist-pumping rock choruses and storytelling ballads that feature lap steel and fiddle.

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