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“Changing” by Thomas Kavanagh - review and interpretation

This song by Thomas Kavanagh, (co written by Annabelle Lyle) is described by him as being with someone who makes your life complete, but over time things change.

Personally, I get the impression it’s a love letter, and charts the story of romance, whether this be towards a partner, spouse, or even yourself, and has an air of nostalgia about it.

“You’ve always been the better part of me, you were my eyes when I couldn’t see, the brightest days hiding in that smile.”

The lyrics also seem to break away from the traditional aesthetic of relationships “you filled my world with the bluest skies, took my breath whenever you said hi. Who’d think you know me more than anyone else.” Clearly this refers to a more emotive relationship than that of a new one, however if we were to translate this as a love letter to ourselves then we discover that we can find our own blue skies when times are hard. This last line could relate to knowing ourselves, our boundaries and capabilities.

It’s full of rhetorical questions, “Is it me, is it you, is there nothing we can do” Is it ever this black and white? No matter what troubles present themselves there is always something that can be done.

“Every high, every low, I don’t know which way to go, cause everything is changing”

If we look again at the song as a letter to ourselves, then there are very much tones linking to the story of Jekyll and Hyde. The highs, our confident, content selves, whilst the lows signify the times we recluse into ourselves to our darker moments.

“Looking back on all our memories, all the times you made me feel so free, how did we end up in a moment like this?”

This is a nod to the reflective stage of a failing relationship, but also suggests being nostalgic to feeling free, free from life’s stresses and pressures.

Even the structure of the song can fit the concept of falling in and out of love with yourself, repeating the same question “Is it me, is it you, is there nothing we can do” Whilst clearly acknowledging the process of moving on and “cause everything is changing”

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