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‘Voices’ by Ewelina review

Ewelina (pronounced Ever Lee Na) is a rising star in the music scene from Poland but is based in the United Kingdom. The song sees her first collaboration with fellow songwriter Tony Olson. Their captivating song is a beacon of hope and strength for anyone who has experienced toxic relationships. The song was realised 25th August 2023, so is available to stream from your usual services.

"Voices" is a powerful anthem that explores the journey of breaking free from the clutches of manipulation and control. With its heartwarming lyrics and infectious melodies, the song resonates deeply with listeners, reminding them that they have the strength within to move on and embrace a brighter future.

"Voices" was recorded on Nashville by a team of the best musicians around; these include: Jon Conley (lead guitar: Kenny Cheney), Gregg Voices" was recorded in Nashville by a team of A-List musicians: Lead Guitar: Jon Conley (Kenny Chesney), Drums: Gregg Lohman (Easton Corbin), Drew Belk (Blake Shelton), Jay Gorman (Easton Corbin), and Philip de Steiguer (Blake Shelton). The song was produced at Song City Studios in Nashville by former Star Search winner Dave Demay. The exceptional artistry and production skills shine through in every note, making this track an irresistible addition to any playlist.

"Voices" is destined to tcaptivate the hearts of country music enthusiasts and touch the lives of individuals who have faced challenging relationships. Its upbeat and light-hearted essence adds an uplifting touch, making it a standout addition to the country music landscape.

"I can hear your whispers in the corners of my mind

Telling me to follow and just leave my thoughts behind

You don’t have to think for me,

I’ll choose who I want to be

I know the way, and I don’t care what you say."

To me, the first verse references the early stages of self doubt denoted by the 'whispers'. Reference to following and leaving independent thought behind is suggestive of brain washing or conditioning as was intended by Ewelina's meaning to the song. However the verse also gives some fight back detailing 'you don't have to think for me... I know the way, and I don't care what you say.' This demonstrates that we once cared what this person thought and said, however have come to realise the barriers these have become.

"I hear those voices creeping inside my head

I gotta let ‘em go . . .

Say No No Just gotta let ‘em go . . .

Say No No

I don’t believe a single word you said I’m taking back the life you stole

I won’t let you take control

The chorus charts the understanding of getting rid of the voices of doubt, whilst also the weariness of it. It demonstrates a strength, of taking back our lives from self doubt and negativity, as much as it is about escaping a toxic relationship.

You tried to make me someone that I didn’t want to be

And, took me into places where my mind was never free

You kept me locked in a thunderstorm, but I won’t live there anymore . . .

I broke the chain

Now I dance in the rain."

We shall no longer be confined by the chains of doubt, of neglect, but we shall be free, reclaiming our independence and our identity. The imagery of dancing in the rain portrays that of freedom, but also of gratitude for life's wonders and natural phenomena. Our eyes are becoming wider to the world around us and where our potential may lie.

Half of the chorus plays again, perhaps intentionally so to remind us that we may hear voices, but we can say no! Not allowing ourselves to become crippled with anxiety, our potential is limitless.

"Leave your life and your thoughts behind

We just wanna control your mind

Do things our way

That’s what they all say."

'Control your mind' could be a subtle reference to the social media algorithms that we're becoming more addicted to. We get lost in the scrolling leaving our life and thoughts behind as the lyric suggests. Trends appearing and going viral coercing you to try things their way, however you know yourself, you know your capabilities and what is possible to a degree. Some things online are quite dangerous either physically, mentally or emotionally, and this song taps into the emotions of this quite positively with its up beat nature.

The song finishes on the chorus once again, but leaves the listener with an important and defiant message, 'I'm taking back the life you stole, I won't let you take control'.

'Voices' was released 25th August 2023 and is available to download and stream from your usual music platform.

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