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This is Kelsey, girlfriend to Danny McMahon

She´s a great musician and a warm soul with a happy heart. Maybe you wonder how I know this about her? Well.....

If you´ve been following Boots Of Europe for a little while, you might have seen us(the girls in boots) as we jumped on a flight to meet this lovely lady at C2C London, where we got to hear her boyfriend perform her favorite song.

Where and how did you meet? Danny and I met through his recording studio, Puzzle Maker Studios. I wanted to start up my own original music journey and it felt right to start with him as he made me feel so comfortable and welcome. I had seen a lot of his own music online and I always admired his work ethic. I couldn't quite believe he would do a studio session and then drive 3 hours away to do a gig and come back to do the same again the next day! I was mind blown and I still am.

How did the relationship start? It was all very natural. We had both been great friends for a while previously and we always enjoyed each other's company. We have a similar sense of humour which definitely helped haha. It was a gradual process but as we are both open emotionally, we both knew where eachother stood and luckily didn't need to go through that awkward dating stage. How are you dealing with the crazy fans? I would say pretty well, haha. I think you need to have the mindset that it is inevitably going to happen but the main thing for me is that I trust him and he doesn't give me any reason not to. I admire the way he is with the fans and if there is a crazy one he is always very respectful of them which I really appreciate. Tell me about a typical day together Everyday is so different! If he has a studio session, he will always go the gym bright and early to make sure he is in the headspace to make some good music and sometimes he has rehearsals after. On a concert day, I will usually come along and we have a lovely time. I love watching him doing what he does best and how much he enjoys it! There are other times when he is asked to do private gigs (e.g Weddings) when he can come home at 3am! I do love the days that are calmer when we can spend it together and just go out for a meal and chill watching a netflix series! There are times when I don't see him as much but I know that he is doing what he loves and it makes our days together extra special. Tell me about the day before a concert Danny is usually very calm before a gig! He is amazing at shifting his mindset to fit the occasion. Usually he would spend a few hours going over his set for the following day and making sure that he is confident he knows what he is doing. These days are usually quite chill and we would go grab some lunch and I will do my work whilst he practises. Do you ever feel the music is taking too much time? There are times when I miss him a lot and if he has 3 gigs on one weekend I won't see him too much but I always know that there is a day that is coming that we can spend together. I know what I signed up for and I always admired that and I'm just glad that he can make a living doing what he loves and is also something that I can be part of. What's your favorite song by him and why ? Better Like That. I remember when he came off that writing session with Daniel Borge, played it and I was obsessed with it! I was singing it non stop. When Danny did his 'Pick My Single Zoom Session' he had 4 songs for them to pick from and I just knew what the end result would be. It is such a feel good song and it just holds great memories for me. I think that the concept is so clever and the way they pieced it together was just incredible. And his 3rd UK Country Number 1!!!!!!!

What was your first impression about your partner?

He was always so welcoming but I think the main thing that attracted me to him was his humour. I couldn't stop laughing at everything he said and that hasn't changed! He was always so supportive and everyone's else's needs came before his own. He is such a kind guy and I am proud to be his girlfriend.

Biggest fear of yours?

My biggest fear is his safety if I'm honest. There have been times when he has been driving home in horrendous weather conditions for 3 hours and I can't help but panic. He is always very careful but it doesn't stop you worrying. What is your best advice to girls who have a man in music business? It can be difficult to not see them as much as you'd like but make sure you treasure the time you do spend together as those are the days that you will remember. In terms of the crazy fans, as long as you trust your partner then there is nothing to worry about at all!

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