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‘Talk About It’ by Laketown review

Laketown are a UK Country band consisting of Jordan (lead singer), Dan (songwriting and keys) and Marcus (guitar), and they've been working musicians for years but have recently taken the leap to release their own music.

Laketown combine heartfelt lyrics with infectious melodies and provide captivating performances. Their debut single 'Talk About It' was released 7th July 2023 and has quickly gained popularity showcasing their blend of traditional Country with contemporary influences. This unique sound allows them to tackle more relatable themes. They're a rising force in the UK country music scene, promising a bright future ahead.

I'm told that the premise of this song is about being in a relationship and feeling like you can’t talk about your feelings; you get to a point where you feel like you need to talk about it more to express your feelings. The same can be said for expressing our thoughts and feeling in relation to our mental health. Whilst the taboo may've been broken, there is still stigma surrounding it. The song will help bring expression to the forefront of the listeners mind.

'I ain't bulletproof,

So why are you always try a shoot me down

When you get through, the stubborn part of me sticks around.'

The opening verse talks about how we're always after someone, perhaps to diminish them to enhance ourselves? But it's also a reference how in life we need to shoot our shot, and sometimes other people get caught in that crossfire for our ambitions.

'Are we holding on, to something bigger, something better.

Should we carry on,

With these pointless conversations starters?'

The lyric 'holding onto... something better' could be relating to the fact that our inner fear is holding on to our full potential, our something bigger, better. Reference to the 'pointless conversation starters' perhaps suggestive of the 'hi, how are you?' or 'are you ok?' Pointless in so much as we're all carrying something, be that trauma, mental health or something else, and in modern society, it's likely that we're all not actually ok, so why ask it? And for those that do, they're sometimes going through the motions of social etiquette and don't have a response if we confess we're not ok.

'We need to rewind out the good time.

When the fire burned brighter. Need to retrace out the good days when it was easy.'

The pre-chorus lyric is telling us that we need to go back to a positive time, when things were good. It encourages us to talk about our feelings, whilst also examining why we no longer communicate with someone from our past; it is perhaps as if the other person no longer serves us and our intentions as to why distance has been made between the two of you.

'We should talk about why we don't talk a word to each other, anymore. And it's hard to find the reason why we don't talk the same way anymore. We should just talk about it, just talk about it a little more. Oh, a little more.'

The chorus whilst referencing the broken relationship, could also come to mean how we were once accepting of our feelings and emotions, however for one reason or another have learnt to surpress them. This could take the form of counselling and literally talking about it. The repetition of 'a little more' perhaps reference to the many therapy sessions we need to unpick any potential trauma. There is a dramatic pause within the chorus which breathes a moment of reflection allowing us to collect our thoughts.

'This thing we got, is it permanent or temporary?

Like a shot in the dark or just a throw away page in your story.'

The question posed in the second verse could be suggestive that the dark times we find ourselves in could be either permanent or temporary; however we know that it's not that straight forward. These episodes, may be long forgotten, a thrown away page in our story.

You say you’re busy

And a hundred million reasons not to stay

But If we’re for real I could do with a

Call or two at the end of the day

Being too busy to see your partner never bodes well. It demonstrates your commitment is elsewhere. Equally, we can be so busy and engrossed in the hubbub of life that we don't take time to check in with ourselves, let alone others. The 'call or two at the end of the day' acing as your debrief from the days events.

The song returns to both the pre chorus and the chorus before reaching the bridge.

And it’s 3 am and you’re drunk in the back of a taxi

And you can’t see

That I’m the one at home wandering if you’re thinking about me.'

Reference to such an early hour could be reflective of the fact that you've been out drowning your sorrows, or that you struggle to sleep because all of your emotions are lingering needing to be processed for the day.

The song draws to a close by playing the pre-chorus, chorus and then an outro.

'Talk About It' was realised 7th July 2023 and is available to download and buy from your usual music platform. Laketown also have a new song being released 10th November 2023 called 'Could've Been'. Head over to their socials for the pre-save link.

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