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‘Straight Up’ by The Southern Gothic

The Southern Gothic, for those that aren't familiar, are an American group, originally from Atlanta but now based in Nashville Tennessee. Their sound evidently leans heavily on Country and Southern Rock roots.

The group comprises of Connor Christian, Shaun Thacker, Yannie Reynecke and Quinn Loggins, and the band are affectionately known as SoGo.

'Straight Up' is a cover of the hit that propelled Paula Abdul to stardom. Connor Christian (frontman and principal songwriter for the band) says how "this is the first cover that we've ever released as a single, but I really love this one. I took my favourite song from 5th grade/primary school and got to add my own twist. And it's a blast to perform as well.  I used to sneak over to my friend's houses that had MTV so I could catch glimpses of Paula Abdul when I was 11 years old or so”

Starting with a violin instrumental accompanied by a simple drum beat gives this song a simplistic and sophisticated structure.

The song seems to be about a loss of identity following a relationship.

"Lost in a dream, I don't know which way to go. If you are all you seem, Baby I'm moving' way too slow."

Being lost in a dream suggested it is more of a fantasy world they want to live, but aren't sure whether the real world or fantasy world are better. Realising perhaps it's a reoccurring dilemma "I've been fooled before, Didn't like havin' my love caught in the slammin' door, how about some information please." and seeking questions as to why it reoccurs.

"Straight up now tell me, do you really want to love me forever, or am I caught in a hit and run? Straight up now tell me, is it gonna be you and me together (oh oh oh). Are you just having fun?"

The chorus is asking us to be honest with who we want to live forever with, whether we've found our soulmate. But surely it's not that simple; there's different levels of love, such as a friendship love, a best friend kind of love and of course, romantic love.

"I've been fooled before, didn't like havin' my love caught in the slammin' door. Are you more than hot for me or am I a page in your history book - I don't mean to make demands, but the word and the deed go hand in hand."

Obviously still hurting from past deceit, it's clear to see that the song really questions who we want as our lover and whether they are capable of fooling you. If so, then they can be subjected to history. It's interesting how the phrase, "the word and the deed go hand in hand." This speaks to the hypocrisy of some people who will all too freely say they love you only to then disprove that remark by their actions.

"Straight Up" is out on social platforms and streaming services.

Be sure to follow them on their socials, links to them all are found on their website

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