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Storytelling - Country style

We all know that music has the profound effect to encapsulate the best and worst of life and be thrown into a song, a melody, a story.

I can’t help wondering for all the themes of God, beer, trucks, girls and cheating, that there should be a production or some sort of theatrics where Country songs are used. Much like Rock of Ages for the Rock genre. Perhaps trying to find their voice in Nashville, finding themselves at an open mic, or writers round, and romance (and career) blossoming… I know, it’s basically Cole Swindell’s “She Had Me At Heads Carolina”.

If all you had were Country songs to reference your life, what would they be?

Does it start like Kenny Chesney’s “There Goes My Life” or perhaps Lonestar’s “Amazed” representing the fresh innocent perspective of childhood? Of course there are many that depict struggles with finding Faith, ourselves, loved ones.

The high tempo honkytonk drinking songs representing our youth, partying and the care free invincible nature felt as young adults. These songs are always heard well into the early hours.

Slow Ballad Country songs symbolising our courtship, embarking on our journey into relationships and as Gabby Barrett sings about, finding “The Good Ones” who will “Pick Me Up”. Much like Ashton Lane, you’ve got to find the “Chemistry” and then as Jordan Davis sings in his “Buy Dirt” track, “Find the one you can’t live without, Get a ring, let your knee hit the ground” and as Alexandra Kay says, ‘That’s What Love Is’.

Life can be a rollercoaster of emotions and events, much like Angie K’s “Mountains” references “We went through it all, yeah we walked through the fire, Held it together right down to the wire. Built us a home, lost it all, started all over again.”

There‘s something about the natural vibe of Country that personally resonates most with green space, nature and wildlife. Brad Paisley sings “Gone Green” which whilst can mean jealousy, talk of solar power, smart cars and “when we sacrifice to save the planet” suggest it’s an environmental love song, showing appreciation for the world before we lose the beauty of it all. “The life we knew is coming to a halt, Sad but true, and it’s our own fault” suggesting as most scientists say that the world is not sustainable in its current form. It’s somehow ironic that trucks are synonymous with Country in contrast to smart cars.

We grow up, in love, and start to create a family of our own. We forge a new path in life, one we never truly dared to dream of. The beauty of life passing us by like the dirt tracks do to the truck.

Unfortunately, sometimes all good things must come to an end… but Country is full of empowering break up songs such as Nate Smith’s “Whiskey On You” and Cole Swindell’s “Break Up in the End” to help you through it.

Finally, comes our time. When we finally leave this world for the next, we all want it to be like The Shires “On The Day I Die, you better dance don’t cry, cause baby, I’ll be leaving on a high”. We want our life, our legacy celebrated, cherished and remembered. Sometimes life experiences mean that we may not be going to the pearly gates, and perhaps Warren Zeiders’ “Outskirts of Heaven” is more appropriate, not feeling worthy of it. Whilst others may not want to go there as they may’ve already found what they call heaven; yes that’s right, I’m citing Nate Smith’s “I Don’t Wanna Go To Heaven”.

I’d love to hear what Country songs have signposted your life. Life is essentially a playlist, we can shuffle what events happen, sometimes even fortunate to repeat special, favourite moments, if not to understand the lesson we were intended to learn.

What’s the playlist of your life?

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