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‘Snakebite’ by Jen Atkin review

Oppdatert: 17. aug. 2023

Former Miss Great Britain 2020 Jen Atkin, released her latest single 'Snakebite' 24th February 2023. This track follows her previous song 'Black Sheep' and her breakthrough single 'Unboyfriendable' in 2019.

Jen details “Everyone knows my story is one of personal transformation and I’m a huge supporter of anyone who wants to make a change. I felt it was time to capture this in a song and that’s when I shared my story with my co-writer Stephen Manley and we got to work. I wanted to capture the feeling of anger, determination, and release that I experienced myself - as I think so many of us can relate to this.”


"There was a time I threatened to open wings

But I stayed quiet to see what the future brings

I thought that you could be my kind of change

Then we kissed & the sting was kinda strange"

Personally, this lyric details the restrain of disclosing our full personality, but also the threat of leaving a situation, but opting to stay quiet and ride it out. We all know that once we have this feeling, then when we kiss, it almost seals our decision.

"I had this feeling like you got inside my skin

Your criticising - making me want to sin

The rage had started - I struggled to keep it in

Now I’m screaming “this is where my life begins”

There's nothing worse when someone gets under your skin and making you question yourself, who you are and what you stand for. You've spent a lifetime finding out who you are, stay true to who you are, the right person will accept you for it and even help elevate you to further heights. When you realise this, "this is where my life begins."

Jen continues in thanking you for your snakebite and detailing how you feel that "burning rush inside" but then become "unrecognisable". The 'Snakebite' could be meaning a poison love, relating to the toxic relationship.

"Snakebite, thank you for your release

Snakebite, thank you for urgency

Snakebite, a little pain was all I need

To make me feel alive"

Snakebite is also an alcoholic drink, so it could be said that the relationship has driven her to drink and finding a release in alcohol, the urgency the quick flowing bubbles in the fizz of the drink. But it's then realised that sometimes we need to be bitten, whether that be to learn lessons, or be brought back to reality and feel emotion and pain.

"Eyes wide, senses on overdrive

Shedding skins and you’re the first to be cast aside

This comedown doesn’t come that easily

You’re in my veins and you got there legally"

This verse goes to support the previous where you're learning lessons, and connecting to your emotions, becoming more aware 'eyes wide, senses on overdrive'. Being in the veins is a reference to the relationship always being a part of them, yet could also be that they've not recovered from the trauma and is constantly being recirculated, effectively constantly picking that wound.

"All that you wanted from me was to stay

And that was enough for me to change"

We all must accept that in a relationship, in order to stay, we must change, but we must want them to stay, built the friendship or romance.

"Snakebite" was released 24th February 2023 and is available to buy and stream from your music platform.

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