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‘Perfect Kiss’ by Nicola Harris review

Following on from hits such as 'Struck on You', 'I Wanna, I Gotta Dance' and 'You' featuring Preston D Barnes, Nicola brings us her latest song, 'Perfect Kiss'. The track is produced by Roeland Ruijsch from the Netherlands, who has produced other music with Nicola, some yet to be released.

She tells me it's about experiencing that special moment and being able to explain why it was so good. It documents the many frogs kissed previously to get 'the one'. Originally co-written over 20 years ago in a chalet in Butlins, Nicola has dusted off the song as she's found true happiness and wants to showcase her beautiful songwriting, and inject some love into the world with this hot and steamy song.

"Remember that first night 

when you kissed me in the dark

We were out strolling 

Just walking in the park

Yes there’s been plenty of boys

And many before you

But none of them held me 

Or kissed the way you do"

Recalling that special, memorable moment, in the dark, perhaps at night under the stars and in the park. Relationships work on honesty, and it's clear that this is conveyed with "Yes there's been plenty of boys, and many before you". However the verse also depicts the qualities that make them differ from the rest. Highly descriptive, almost symbolising the fact that eyes are generally closed when kissing, heightening our other senses.

"You draw in close 

Hey won’t you listen to my heart

Your lips meet mine

And then it all begins to start 

Yeah Yeah"

This pre-chorus, demonstrates the lure of love, how you feel drawn close, almost compelled to listen to their (somewhat elevated) heart rate. The sensual imagery of our lips meeting, and locking intensely, and so the passion begins!

"You’ve got that perfect kiss

Never thought it could feel like this

You held my hand 

But you touched my heart 

I never dreamed this would start 

With a perfect kiss (yeah yeah)

With a perfect kiss (yeah yeah)"

The chorus details the struggles we've encountered to find this special person. How they've come to hold our hand metaphorically and literally, becoming our safe haven; but also being the key that unlocks our heart to its fullest love. Many keys (lips) look the same, but when reunited with its correct lock, it unleashes the true passion from within.

"This doesn’t happen everyday

And that’s a fact

Now this things started

There’s no use turning back

Only time will tell

If we’ve got what it takes 

So shut up and kiss me 

I just can’t wait"

It is true that it's not everyday with find our soulmate, and exchange the 'perfect kiss', perhaps it's this lack of regular affection that causes break-ups? This verse comes to represent living in the moment, "no use turning back" but much like a flower, time should be given to it to see how it blossoms. It could flourish into a rose, but equally, it could be a weed.

"Like a bolt of lightning 

From the heavens above 

Send shivers down my spine 

With just one touch

Just one touch 

From your perfect lips 

For a perfect kiss 

Yeah oh oh yeah"

Almost reminiscent of the arrows thrown by Cupid, the lightning bolt represents that spark that so many people claim to feel in that moment, of the embrace and the perfect kiss.

'Perfect Kiss' is released Wednesday 5th April 2023, and is sure to help tell that special someone just exactly how special they are to you. Keep an eye out on Nicola's social media accounts for future announcements. I know that she's asking for your help with the music video! All you need to do is email photos or short clips of your 'Perfect Kiss' to Nicola at titling the email 'Perfect Kiss'. You can also tune into her 'My Kind Of Country' radio show every Wednesday 7-9pm on Apple Radio.

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