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‘Love I Never Wanted’ Sarah Rose review

Sarah Rose is an award-winning songwriter and artist from the UK’s South Coast and draws influence from the likes of Imogen Heap, Kate Bush, Lana Del Rey and Kacey Musgraves.

She has received support from BBC

Introducing Solent, Country Radio UK, Nashville Sessions York, Amazing Radio and Voice FM along with blog support from Clout Magazine. Her latest single, ‘Love I Never Wanted’ was awarded First Place in the Indie International Songwriting contest 2023.

Sarah's stories are inspired by art, poetry and literature, and she has another country infused release scheduled for Winter 2023 ahead of a trip to Tin Pan South in Nashville in 2024.

"I was as delicate as snow

How was I to know

What I really needed?

You came at a time when I was hurt

I hadn’t cleaned away the dirt

My bruises healing."

The imagery of being 'delicate as snow' really portrays how we are at our lowest and in hard times. It is at these times where we find out 'what I really needed' and gain clarity, perspective and direction. Often when in this position, something or someone arrives that helps ease the pressure, the burden we place on ourselves. The lyric 'I hadn't cleaned away the dirt, my bruises healing' charts our jounrey of discovery.

"Life is kinda funny you wake up wishing it was a dream but it’s over

Life is kinda mean you it leaves you wanting in when you’re out."

The pre chorus above captures how dream like love can be, it can be there and feel real one moment and be gone the next. The same can be said for our good and bad days, they can be here and then suddenly change. The subtle message here is to live in the moment.

"It’s the love I thought, I never wanted

I didn’t know what I was looking for

The day you called, you called it over

My whole body went to war

I wish that I could go back that day

Unsay all the stupid things I said

Instead I took you for granted

I guess I didn’t know for sure

What I wanted was you

What I wanted was you."

The chorus captures the uncertainty of love, of identity. Not being sure of what you're looking for is a relatable quality many of us share. That's what makes life so wonderful; albeit a cliche. In these moments it certainly does feel like 'my whole body went to war' with how stresses and nerves reverberate through us, not to mention the emotional toll it takes too. The war we face within us could be over what we're looking for in life, perhaps feeling limited that our choices are either or, rather than being able to achieve them all. As for things that are said, they are often a knee jerk response to a situation before we know the full facts; that 'what I wanted was you.'

"You bought me flowers on the day

We’d been fighting in the rain

And I ignored it

Now I feel like a boat lost out at sea

I’ve been missing for a week

Guess I deserve it."

The concept of flowers portrays a peaceful image, coupled with buying them paint this scene of a remorseful and apologetic partner. The lyric of 'fighting in the rain' is an interesting one as it's usually 'dancing in the rain' which is synonymous of love, yet this couple is fighting, so juxtaposes the stereotype beautifully.

The song then returns to the pre-chorus and chorus, almost reminding us of the uncertainty of love, and that it can come at any moment.

"Your words they were like poetry

They cut to the heart of me now but

I just wasn’t ready back then, to hear them

I guess we really had something

Now does it mean nothing to ya?

I need another try I confess."

The middle 8, or bridge, captures the essence of love, with their 'words they were like poetry. It also speaks to a matured part of you where you can appreciate the art of poetry, of love, which is even acknowledged 'I just wasn't ready back then, to hear them.' Sometimes the art of hindsight and perspective allows us to scrutinise what we have, or once had. The lyrics reference wanting to try again, something we shouldn't discount, especially if circumstances realign to a previous scenario.

The song once again revisits the chorus to close the song, leaving us the reminder that it's ok not to know who we want to share those special moments with or who we want to become. We always have a way of ending up where (and with whom) we need.

'Love I Never Wanted' was released 10th November 2023, and is available to stream and download from your usual music sites.

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