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‘Heaven Help My Heart’ by Country Cousins review

Oppdatert: 17. aug. 2023

Written by the McGerty family songwriters and composers and recorded by real life cousins Carly & Katie (Country Cousins). The song was released 1st June 2023.

"The song is about the irresistible pull of someone who you know is not great for you but you can’t help falling for, time and time again and is more of an upbeat song following our the tear jerker of our first single. It has a more traditional country vibe and we have added live fiddle and steel guitar to the track to give it an authentic feel."

The upbeat nature of the song juxtaposes against the heartbreak felt of wanting someone whilst knowing that it isn't or won't be good for you. Typical love, always wanting what we can't have!

"Tell me I’m crazy, tell me I’ve been a fool.

I can’t get you out of my head, I just keep on falling for you.

Ooh will I ever learn.

This kind of love just hurts."

The first verse is seeking reassurance, asking a third party to 'Tell me I'm crazy, tell me I've been a fool.' This refers to the pull to a love that not good for you, yet also show that we don't learn as we 'keep on falling for you'. Asking a rhetorical question of 'will I ever learn?' knowing full well it will result in heartbreak as 'This kind of love just hurts'.

"So Heaven help my heart, cause here I go again.

Every time I kiss this love goodbye, I fall right back again.

Heaven help my heart, no matter how I try.

I can never wave this love goodbye and you're the reason why, Heaven help my heart."

The lyric of 'So Heaven help my heart cause here I go again' within the chorus details how we all seek religion in times of trouble and desperation. We all want to say goodbye to what doesn't serve us, yet we struggle to part ways as whenever we try to, the thought, and even touch of them sends us back down that road. We remain to feel a draw to them despite knowing what they can do to us. 'I can never wave this love goodbye and you're the reason why, Heaven help my heart.'

"I thought it was over I thought we were through this time.

So why when I meet someone new is you that’s on my mind. 

Ooh and I still get burned.

When will I ever learn."

The second verse demonstrates that whenever we leave one relationship for another, we're always thinking of, and comparing to our last love. Everyone does this, intentionally or not, almost like we're trying to validate this relationship over the previous.

The song continues to play the chorus once again followed by a guitar solo, before concluding with the chorus once again.

Both Carly & Katie deliver the song beautifully whilst it touches on love life's, it could be said that finding yourself within religion enables you to be fully held. Instead of surrendering to someone who could potentially be your spouse, surrender to your faith, whichever persuasion suits you. The Lord will help by holding your heart and showing you self love vefore jumping back in too soon.

Released on 1st June 2023, the song is available to stream and download now.

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