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European Country Artist of the Week: Sigrid Fossan!

She's a real Norwegian country girl; takes care of the family farm and has a true Country Soul. She's one of the most exciting female singers from Norway, with her clear, silver bell sounding voice. This is Sigrid Fossan!

Who are you?

I'm Sigrid Fossan, a norwegian country music artist from Rollag. I'm 28 years old.

When did you start music?

I started music with singing, I loved to sing as a child. I was in a children's choir, and learned to play piano from a young age. My grandmother always encouraged my singing and learning about music.

Tell us about your love for country music!

I can't remember when I my love for country music began, it's always been there. My dad's pick of radio channel and CDs in the car introduced me to classic country early - like John Denver, The Bellamy Brothers, Dolly Parton and so on. In my music career, I've experimented with different styles, but landed on country. That's where I feel at home.

What song of yours is the one reflecting you as an artists the most?

Tough one. I would say "Country Soul" is a good "summary" of me as a person and an artist.

What kind of milestones would you say are the most important for you and your career now? Both those you have done and those coming.

I'm very proud that national radio P1 plays my music, and also being on the television show "Festivalsommer". Those are the big ones, but I believe the smaller and more quiet milestones are also important. Like when I learned guitar well enough to play and sing at a concert, or learned how to set up my speaker system. As an artist you need to know some things about a lot of things - it makes you very independent. Right now, I focus on getting better every week - at songwriting, posting in social media, talking to listeners +++

How would YOU say the country music scene is in your country?

My impression of the country scene in Norway is that we mostly listen to the big American artists, and that's great, but being involved in the country music scene in Norway, I know how many good local talents there are. I guess I wish they got more attention from both media and people in general.

What country artist is your favorite?

Today, Shania Twain. She's sassy, smart, independent and moves me so much with her songs. I love her.

What other than music do you like to do on your free time?

Outside of the music, I spend a lot of time on the farm home in Rollag. This week, we chopped wood. Soon, it's time to plough, sow and so on.

Do you have any news to share with us?

Country Soul turned one year on Saturday April 30th! Other then that I'm writing some catchy tunes these days - looking forward to dance to them with you when they're out!

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