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‘Cowboy Bar’ by Guy Surtees review

Having released three singles earlier this year reaching the top of the iTunes Country chart and getting hundreds of radio plays and thousands of streams worldwide, Guy is back with his new single "Cowboy Bar", which takes his writing and production up a gear.

Guy tells me that the song documents the story of meeting someone in a bar, having a night of fun singing and dancing before having to leave their new friend behind, without knowing if we'll see them again. We realise that "I just left my heart in a Cowboy Bar!"

The song tells the story of meeting someone in a bar, having a night of great fun, singing and dancing, before having to go home leaving this person behind, not knowing if he will ever see them again, and thinking, "I just left my heart in a Cowboy Bar!"

"The first time that I saw you, you were a face on a video screen

I was mesmerised when I saw your eyes, and they were looking back at me

Ever since that day I knew someday this night would come

I knew right then when you walked in, we were gonna have some fun."

The lyric recounts the first time being captivated by the beauty of a crush or partners face for the first time; specifically referencing their eyes which are believed to be the key the soul. It documents that moment of being so in love that you just know you're going to have some fun; whether that's literal or metaphorical is at the suggestion of the listener.

"Well I knew that when I met you, I would fall so deep in love

But I still went out on a Saturday night, what was I thinking of?

And I guess I should've told you, that I'd loved you from afar

But when I walked out I had me no doubt, I just left my heart in a cowboy bar."

The chorus details the moment of love at first sight, yet also of playing the field 'still went out on a Saturday night' and the realisation of what he was doing 'what was I thinking of?'. Sure we've all our own ways of dealing with things, however when in a relationship, we should always then consider the partners feelings, otherwise it will break down. We later come to realise that the love isn't as strong as initially portrayed as 'I guess I should've told you, that I'd love you from afar'. The subject of this love is also open to interpretation, meaning that despite a potential partner, it could be referencing the drink. 'But when I walked out I had me no doubt, I just left my heart in a cowboy bar' could be construed as a love for a second home, how much the booze provides solace to dark times and is always there to celebrate the good.

"I had no way of knowing, if I'd ever see your face again

I left you in that downtown bar with all of those cowboy men

There in the middle of the dancefloor, you were putting on a real good show

It was just because you had a good beer buzz, now I gotta let you know."

As is often the case when meeting someone in a bar, you never know if you'll see each other again, regardless of agreeing to meet again. Equally this lyric details all of the other 'threats' 'all of those cowboy men', however it sounds like this allured character can handle themselves 'there in the middle of the dance floor, you were putting on a real good show' even despite having the 'good beer buzz'.

The song returns to the chorus, reminding us that we can keep falling in love, but not necessarily learning lessons from previous relationship experiences (as we're still going out on a Saturday night).

"I can't believe I left you all alone

I got big regrets now I'm on my way home."

Neglecting a partner, or potential partner, or friend for that matter is rude, and can really show your true colours. However there is remorse and regret shown within the lyrics, albeit perhaps too late as it only materialises on the way home. Conversely, this regret could be related to the fact that you've now departed from each other and want to relive it all again. So entranced and captivated by their beauty, both physically and intellectually.

The song then once again returns to the chorus, continuing the theme of loving from afar. Whilst it could be considered that this may be the end of the story, there is strong argument to suggest that this is perhaps the end of the dream, fantasising and playing out how it could go, but now you return to reality to learn from those lessons and get the love of your life.

'Cowboy Bar' was released 1st November 2023 and is available to stream, buy and download from all music platforms now. Keep an eye out for more music from Guy, he's even released a Christmas song 'Until Then' also available to download and stream now!

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