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‘Be the Man’ by Lee Newton review

Oppdatert: 17. aug. 2023

Lee Newton is a Nashville singer/songwriter who is heavily influenced by legendary Country icons such as Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, The Judds. Lee's sound is a mix of Country and raspy Blues with added Southern Rock flare.

Lee tells me that the song came about after leaving an abusive relationship. Inspired by her faith, "UNDAMAGED" was her first EP and had a track called "Strength of a Woman". "UNDAMAGED" is a reflection of how she felt after leaving the relationship.

Much like every artist, it's best to draw on personal experiences to get the greatest connection to both the song and the audience. Her latest album "UNLEESHED" is about not holding back, and also uses a deliberate play on words. This album won JMA Album of the year last year at The Grand Ole Opry.

"Be The Man" started off being inspired by her son Cash, but she tells me it's gone on to become something even more special. Cash even gets a credit in the song.

"When I'm big, I will take good care of you."

The opening line said by Cash, and portrays not only good parenting, but also awareness of compassion and society expectations. It's widely known that when you're young, your elders look after you, and when you're old enough to look after yourself and others can't, we extent our aiding hands much as we've observed in our childhoods.

"He bought it in a gum ball machine at a local grocery store. With the quarter he put back and saved from the week before."

This lyric references nostalgia, but also financial savvy. As kids we all recall our favourite sweets, magazines, and game cards. It also shows great strength of determination and restraint not to spend all of our means at once, ensuring that we keep something back as a reward to the sacrifices we make.

"He hid the ring inside his pocket so his mama wouldn't see. So when they got home he could finally do what he'd planned so carefully. She didn't see it coming. It took her by surprise. When he got down on his little knee. Her eyes began to smile. He said I know you feel alone with it being just you and me. With loving eyes he looked at her and the words he said were these."

Clearly referencing a commitment to be there for his mum, as eluded to by Cash's introduction. It also gives a glimpse to later life when it is stereotypically the man who'll get down on their knee to profess their undying love for their partner. The demonstration of love in this is immensely strong. Reference to eyes smiling can only reaffirm a job of great parenting, nurturing such a kind and caring soul; whilst also showing that the first woman any man will love is always their mother.

"I've seen you cry for months now since Daddy went away. I sure do love you Mama I want to bring a smile to your face. I know that I'm not him but I promise you I'll always be the man I thought my Daddy should be."

Demonstrating that when we become parents, our children can become so observant to the smaller details, (and yet somehow not pay attention when asking to do chores or other things). Even from a young age, we can see the potential in others which is referenced by how it's perceived his Daddy should be.

"Years went by that little boy learned how to be a man. He met his brown haired blue eyed girl just like God had planned."

Regardless of hair colour or eye colour, we have an idea of who we wish to end up with, and be role models for our children to go through the cyclic process all over again.

"He worked and saved to buy that ring to ask her for her hand. With tears streaming down his face. This is what he said."

This is proof that commitment to another person, (or indeed to buying that luxury item) can be achieved, and the joy you can create with it is the joy that comes back tenfold.

"I've seen you cry for months now since your Daddy went away. He now loves you from heaven he's got a big smile on his face. He knows that I love you and I made a promise to always be. The man your Daddy would want me to be."

It's interesting how we handle grief and traumatic events in our lives. Given the context of the song then 'heaven' could be deemed a nicer way of telling a child the truth (being abused), or it could hold a literal meaning; either way, neither answer deminishes the love of a parent for their child.

"Looking into the future holding our baby girl. Just know your Dad won't go away and that you are his world. Don't you ever doubt about what you mean to me. I'll be the man that a Daddy should always be. I'll be the man your Daddy.... should be."

This verse details the love that parents have for their children, like an unwritten bond. It also reaffirms what they believe a father (indeed parent) should be.

Lee has new songs on the horizon as she will also start recording her next Country album called, UPLUGGED starting in Summer 2023, for which she already has a number of songs written.  

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