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‘Around The Corner’ by Don McDermott review

Don is an exciting young singer-songwriter with a smooth baritone voice and a story to tell. Born in Alabama, Don relocated to England in 2014, and released his first swing album in 2019, yet this song, released 14th July 2023 has him taking more of a country turn.

The song draws inspiration from a line in a film about how love is always 'around the corner'. With that sentiment it speaks of hope and anticipation. The song was produced at Puzzel Maker Studios in Bristol by Danny McMahon and Drea Succi, and the song is for those neo-traditional country music and who live artists such as George Strait and Alan Jackson.

"Your love is just around the corner

And one day soon she'll be there

So be happy while you're walkin' and waitin'

Knowin' that she's out there somewhere."

The first verse is detailing how what we want is almost upon us. Whilst it's within reach, it's just out of reach. Within it there is a message of self acceptance and self love when referencing 'so be happy while you're walkin'ans waitin'.' The thought of our soulmate being out there helps us get through and they could just be the very next person you meet, or perhaps your paths have already crossed but nothing came of it because it was an inappropriate time to forge that friendship.

"Are you a blonde, brunette or are you a redhead

Do you like your coffee black or with cream instead?

Dreams are lovely; they do come true

Darlin' these boots are gonna find you"

The chorus, lists all the hair types almost like it's a game of guess who, or predicting who it'll be appearing from behind the bend. Contemplating who they are and what their likes and preferences will be by describing how they like their coffee. Reference is given to dreams and how they do come true, although it's not without effort as 'these boots are gonna find you' suggests you have to go searching for them.

"They're lots of corners in this world and

Every turn should bring a smile

So be happy while you're walkin' and waitin'

Knowin' she gets closer every mile."

This verse details the journey that we go on to find our soulmate. Sometimes we find them after the first few corners, whilst other times we search multiple corners to find them. Perhaps that's why we sometimes feel like we're going round in circles searching for them. Within it, it carries an important message, 'so be happy while you're walk-in and waitin' portraying self love is important to finding that special someone, and how 'she gets closer every mile' the more you come to love and appreciate yourself.

The song returns back to the chorus before recounting more about that special someone.

"There is one special someone waitin'

Round the corner just for you

So be happy while you're walkin' and waitin'

Knowin' she's smilin' at corners too."

Who is this 'special someone'? It could be said that it is a lover, our soul mate; however this could be reference to our true selves and how we have to venture out to find ourselves. Of course it details being happy in 'walkin' and waitin'' , allowing ourselves the adequate time to figure out what we want as well as who we want to be.

The song concludes on a twice repeated chorus and the final line is then sung 3 times to close off the song.

Released 14th July 2023, 'Around The Corner' by Don is out now and available from wherever you obtain your music.

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