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‘You Were The One’ by Guy Surtees review

This is Guys third single release following "English Country Boy" (No. 1 in iTunes County chart) and "Thanking God I'm Alive" (No. 3). The song carries Guys signature sound and personal story and was released 30th May. It's a Country love song, and will surely find its way onto newly-weds first dance list.

The year has been a great start for Guy, racking up 1500 Spotify streams, 1200 YouTube views and 500 Facebook followers all in the space of just 10 weeks. Guy also has some festival appearances lined up so stay tuned to his socials for more details on those!

"Basically, I saw a woman in the park, and the rest, as they say, is history! But seriously, this is a beautiful love story that started in a park, moved on to a bar, and ended with a kiss!" 

"I saw you in the park, I walked up and asked you your name 

My eyes told me they liked what they saw, and my heart felt the same."

The first verse details the first steps in a relationship, the wandering eye of romance. Whilst referencing seeing them in a park, somewhere we can still meet people, it is perhaps a world away from all the dating apps currently available, and arguably causing a hinderance to the art of courting. There is no substitute for being in the vicinity of someone who lights up your eyes and your heart simultaneously, and plucking up the courage to start interacting with them.

"You were the one that I been searching for, all of my life til this day 

Now that I’ve got you standing by my side, I know in my heart you will stay."

The chorus continues to recount the emotions that we feel when 'the one' has been found. Almost as though the search (whether intentionally looking or not) has concluded and you know this is your forever. Whilst we may have the certainty that a partner will stay by your side, this isn't always the case, and is perhaps perceived more metaphorically in so much as knowing someone cares for you on some basic level, but especially so that they reciprocate and love you too. That they care about you enough, platonic friendship or otherwise, to stand by you to support you through your life battles and demons, as much as you stand by theirs.

"I took you on a singing show, and I sang every song just for you 

I knew there were other people in the bar, but it felt like just us two, just me and you."

The reference to singing show, perhaps reflects the joy of being in love and the 'sang every song just for you' lyric perhaps emulates the way other creatures communicate, such as birdsong, which is also considered to be romantic by many. That moment when you're so engrossed in your partner that it feels like you're the only two souls in existence paints a romantic and yet slight biblical reference (Adam & Eve).

The song then returns to the chorus before moving to the bridge.

"Then you sat down beside me, and asked what kind of woman I like 

I knew right there and then, this was my chance. I had to kiss you that night."

The bridge details the inevitable question of your preferences, the "what's your type?" Sort of question. There are some who may start listing aesthetic characteristics such as hair colour, or specify a particular figure for example, however there is more to a person than these traits. Contrary to the quote 'beauty is but skin-deep' someone can also posses beautiful personality, a beautiful kind, characteristics that aren't perhaps as obvious on a first glance, let alone one at distance.

The song concludes with a duplication of the chorus, perhaps re-emphasising the point that 'You were the one that I been searching for,' The song is eveidently written reflecting back and suggest that they haven't moved on from this other person because of the use in past tense 'were'. The song leaves the listener questioning whether this was a happyever after or simply Guy being nostalgic over a past flame.

The song was released 30th May 2023 and is available to stream and download on all the usual platforms.

Live appearances confirmed: 

Sun 25 June - Hare & Hounds, Birmingham (Supporting Laura Aston) 

1/2 July - Godiva Festival, Coventry (Serendipity Stage) 

Fri 7 July - BCMA FanFest, Newark (Horizon Stage) 

Sat 5 August - Cannock Food & Drink Festival 

Sun Nov 12 - Live in the Living Room, The Bedford, London 

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