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‘You’ by Nicola Harris ft. Preston D Barnes - review

Oppdatert: 21. des. 2022

'You' is written by Nicola Harris and produced by Tim Prottey-Jones. Preston D Barnes compliments the song with his male vocal helping to portray the narrative of a relationship and the struggles surrounding sharing feelings of intimacy.

Available to presave from 19th October 2022 and will be released 2nd November 2022.

During the onset of the Covid lockdown, Nicola utilised this opportunity to focus solely on songwriting and building a social media fan base. Both of which I believe she has achieved, amassing more than 2500 Instagram following, a number like her success, on the climb.

Nicola was nominated for a UK Country Music Award, Song of the Year Award in 2021. This was followed by much praise especially no more so than being asked to perform at this year's 2022 Long Road Festival.

“I wrote "YOU" to help couples who are struggling to share their feelings and due to life's pressures intimacy has flown out of the window. I'm hoping that when couples are too embarrassed or fear rejection to tell their partner that they want to restore intimacy and passion back in their relationship, they can simply play 'YOU' to their partner and say 'this is how i feel'.”

Communication in any relationship is key. Communicate with your partner, spouse or family member. It's the vulnerability in the tone that suits the intended genre. The song touches on our love language, what makes us feel loved, is it the touch?

I can just picture the video, a couple seemingly having an argument, not listening to each other, whilst singing the lyrics and at times breaking away to each divided by a wall to symbolise how isolating broken communication in relationships can be.

"I’m Sure,

You Tried To Do Your Best 

But I Want More

I Need To Feel That Touch 

And So Much More 

You Know The One You Don’t Give Anymore"

The lyrics detail the struggle in a relationship to be able to hold an open conversation, and being able to look into each others eyes, the fire inside has seemingly died. Being open and honest with your feelings and intentions can held keep that fire lit and burning strong.

It is a very conversational song in so much as the interchange between Nicola and Preston emulate the dialogue required in a relationship to keep it working and understanding the needs and desires of not only your partner, but yourself too.

"There’s Times 

I See You Look At Me Then Look Away

Wanna Hold You Close And Find The Strength To Say,

Wanna Feel Your Skin Upon Me Everyday."

For anyone, especially men, expressing emotions and feelings can be difficult. It's these feelings that make for a healthy and prosperous relationship. As the relationship grows, so do the needs of each, and neither want to break up.

"There’s Times 

I See You Look At Me Then Look Away

Wanna Hold You Close And Find The Strength To Say,

Wanna Feel Your Skin Upon Me Everyday."

Looking and looking away is showing how inquisitive and curious we are to getting the most out of the relationship and wanting it to work but also perhaps shows some reservations about commitment. Finding the strength to say what? I love you? Such beautiful imagery is presented when detailing feel their skin on you everyday. There's something somewhat reassuring being in the embrace of a loved one, or perhaps a stranger reaching out with kindness. It's our interactivity amongst fellow humankind.

"I Know We’ve Had Hard Times 

I Know We’ve Been Through Hell

Or Have We Crossed That Line?"

Now's the time where both characters are accepting that there have been challenges (hard times and hell) and are now looking to the future and ensuring that they must make each other aware of their thoughts and feelings in their relationship, including their red lines (boundaries).

If you stream your music elsewhere then either check Nicola's Instagram bio (@nicolaharrisofficial) or search 'You' Nicola Harris.

'You' is released 2nd November 2022.

I have a feeling this is the start of many great things for Nicola, she's such an incredible talent!

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