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Winners of singles of the summer months!

This week has been one for the books! Catching up with amazing songs released during the summer months and letting our instagram followers vote for their favorites. This time, the competition was held at Outside the Circle Podcast and Boots of Europes instagram. The followers voted, and the results are ready. We got the winners for singles of the month June, July and August.

The winners are now in competition for the Boots of Europe Song/Single of the Year 2021!

JUNE - Arthur Stulien with the song "She´ll Be Gone"

Norwegian Arthur Stulien is a singer/songwriter with strong and solid country roots. He grew up in southern Norway, in a family where music has been a huge part of his upbringing. At only 8 years of age, Arthur started playing the guitar and performing at different concerts and shows at his hometown. Arthur started getting noticed on a national level through Norwegian Idol, where he participated in 2016 and in 2020.

In 2019 he played at Norwegian Eikerapen Roots Festival, where he came in touch with Vidar Dale, one of Norways most recognized country music producer and steel guitarist.

Early summer 2021, Arthur’s solo debut album, «Road More Known», was released, produced by Vidar Dale.

The winner song; "She'll Be Gone"

The song describes a relationship experience, where one part takes the relationship for granted. It's a hard learned life lesson. Arthurs raspy vocals suites the song perfectly, and brings the message to its right emotional state. Take a listen!

Arthur Stulien is today, one of Norway’s most up and coming country artists.

July - Jered Ames with the song "Neon Cowboy"

Born and raised in the Midwest, Jered grew up working on his grandparents farm where the transistor radio hanging in the barn was tuned to the local country station. The inspiring voices of George Strait, Alan Jackson, Joe Diffie, and more echoed off the walls every day. One of his earliest memories is sitting with his grandmother at the piano while she taught him the notes. Guitar, drums, and singing naturally followed and he started his first band in high school. Jered’s musical endeavors progressed professionally once he moved to Chicago for college. While obtaining his bachelor’s degree, he moonlighted in various bands. Over the years the genres of the groups he played with spanned from rock to country. In 2015, the decision was made to move to Nashville. Before boxes were unpacked he was hired by ‘The World Famous Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge.’ Soon he was playing 5 nights a week.

About the winner song "Neon Cowboy"

The song is about a woman who's had her heart broken, and finding herself at a bar with all the guys amazed by her looks. The track has a true 90´s vibe feeling, and offers an easy listening experience with great replay availability.

Jered Ames got a classic country voice, one that's very rememberable, and the 90s vibe style, that many longs back to. Watch out for this talent!

Jered Ames is about to drop more music.

Follow Jered Ames at Spotify to be the first to hear his new single!

August - Michael Jay Hughes - Playing With Fire

Michael Jay Hughes grew up on a farm outside of the small town of Goshen, Alabama, picking up his first guitar at age 13 and soon becoming a skilled country singer and songwriter. Now a devoted God-fearing husband and father, he produces his music in his studio at his home in Montgomery, and showcases his original sound all across the South.

Michael Jay finds inspiration from his faith, family, and real life and that immediately translates in his songs. Songs that deliver Real. Country. Music…with Heart.

About the winner song "Playing With Fire"

"Playing With Fire" is a true classic country song, telling the life lesson known world wide; "If you're playing with fire, your´re gonna get burned". It's a song about temptations we all face, and how dangerous it can be to play with them. Hughes tells Boots he got the idea for the song reminiscing his fathers words, to him growing up. The history of the song ends with the guy doing the right ting.

Michael Jay Huges is an artist true to his country heritage, and his music reflects that authenticity. An artist to watch!

New competition for single of the month September is ready Monday 9/4.

Huge thank you to all the artists and the voters!

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