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‘Who Am I Gonna Love’ Thomas Kavanagh ft. Kristie Kraus review

Written by Thomas Kavanagh and Krystal King, on one of Thomas' visits to Nashville; the pair worked the song out and when Krystal played it to her best friend and tour mate Kirstie Kraus who immediately wanted to be a part of the song, recording it as a duet.

Kirstie details "This single is dedicated to all our single friends out there who can relate and for those who just love a good love song!"

The single Who Am I Gonna Love was derived from Thomas’ thoughts and questions to himself through his quest for love. Who Am I Gonna Love is Thomas’ and Kirstie’s first duet either of them have ever put out. They hope the new single warms the listener's hearts and makes them feel not alone in their feelings around the holiday as WAIGL drops the day before Valentines Day."

The song, perhaps as it's a duet, reminds me of a High School Musical number, or at least could easily fit into one of the productions. The fact that the song is a duet demonstrates that the search for, and longing for love is universal, regardless of gender.

"Seek but you won't find, what's right before your eyes.

The one who's gonna fill, all those lonely nights."

This lyric demonstrates how we may go searching for that special someone, we may look to the horizon and think we need to go further a field, but usually love is right in front of us. Now the question is whether it's a romantic love or a mutual love, or should this matter? Is love not love regardless? The lyric could also suggest that it's about self love. You can search the world for someone, but if you don't love yourself, then how can you truly let another in?

"Are you looking just like me, or blinded by your big dreams? Are you a rockstar in the shower? Or an Angel when you sleep?"

Whilst these questions could be seen as rhetorical, they could equally be seen as flirtatious questions asked on first dates. The song plays out in this flirtatious manner with many more questions being posed, like we're fantasising about that mutual encounter of a first date, and finding our soulmate.

"Who am I gonna love?

Whose gonna be enough?

Not just somebody, but my someone.

Whose gonna be the first, to take me at my worst,

And make me better than I was.

Who am I gonna love?"

The chorus shows the thought process we all go through when finding love, or indeed friendship. Will they be enough to satisfy our needs, to fill the void in our hearts? Will they be our 'one'. Equally love means we find someone who we're prepared to see at our worst, but know they will be the ones who will make us better.

Love is our greatest strength yet our biggest weakness, and the right person will solidify our strength.

"Have you passed me on the street?

Said hello to me?

Eat pineapple on pizza?

Do you drink your whisky neat?

We've all wondered at one point whether we've crossed paths with our soulmate and not realised it, or perhaps it just wasn't the right time, and we've already met their acquaintance.

'Who Am I Gonna Love' is released 13th February 2023 and you can presave at

Also be sure to follow both on their social media and music streaming platforms to be aware of their new projects. I'm sure 2023 is going to be a great year for them both!

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