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‘Whisky Fool’ by The Shucks - Review

The Shucks are a UK Country band established in 2018 from the South West, and bring us 'Whisky Fool' from their upcoming EP 'From The Bottle' being released 21st April 2023.

Fans of Zac Brown and Luke Combs will certainly enjoy the offerings of the so called 'Shuck life'. They tell me that the song speaks of "reflection, solitude, and finding comfort on your favourite bar stool and companionship in a bottle of whiskey."

The EP was produced at Puzzle Maker Studios with Andrea Succi and Danny McMahon, and follows their debut EP 'The Shuck Life' in 2022.

Starting with guitar strumming, the song then breaks into the lyrics.

"I'm drifting alone, it's a one way road.

Just like the tumble weed, or a standing stone.

Far away from the City call,

I find myself on another bar stool."

The first verse documents the solitude of drinking alone, and the direction of travel that brings. The tumbleweed represents blotting out the life that tumbles by around us, and the 'another bar stool' could be seen to be moving to the next milestone, be it achievement or debriefing a disaster, but equally moving from bar to bar to get served.

"Taking the time to think and pray,

On the life that I once had

Before it fades away

Taking the time to talk at last

One more time with my father who's passed."

Clearly demonstrating the need to reflect and unwind, but also acknowledging that too much drink (or what you fancy) could soon strip you of the life you had. This bridge or pre-chorus also shows how deep emotionally we go when we've had a drink, and how we use this solitude to connect with those no longer with us.

"Ohhh oh

I'm drowning in a whiskey pool

Ohhh oh

I'm drifting far away from you

Ohhh oh

And now I’m a whiskey fool"

The chorus vividly depicts the stages of drinking, from drowning of sorrows, to disconnect from the world to being wasted (Whisky Fool) in this instance.

"You might like to think i don't look my best

You might like to think I'm rough

But you don’t know me yet

This bar I’m in don't like to judge

‘Cause It's seen the desolation

of life and love."

Personally this verse demonstrates how prejudicial we are, making assumptions based only upon the looks of the situation. There is usually a greater story behind why someone isn't looking their best, yet that could be their best, if communication isn't made you don't understand others. They may have a stressful home life, or a medical complaint that means they aren't looking their usual self. We can't really judge someone just from initial appearances. In life we find our safe havens of friends, our tribe, who help us remain grounded, but are all too aware of the rise and fall affect.

"This whiskey pool will always have one depth

It ain’t enough for me to catch my breath

It might be deep and it might be strong

But it's all that I have left."

Reference to the 'one depth' could be a reference to the consistency of the measures, yet also be that regardless of hitting a low, it will always be a low. Sometimes it's difficult to get out of this sort of head space "it ain't enough for me to catch my breath." But we do, countless times over.

'Whisky Fool' was released 17th March 2023, so is available to download and stream from wherever you get you music and be sure to follow them on their social accounts. For more details about the band and any upcoming gigs and festivals head over to their website

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