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What Country music can do

Ahh… driving down a dirt track in the height of Summer, drinking in a bar, hanging with friends… ahh Country music.

Music in general transports us to a different world, a different time. It has the powers to evoke emotions, raw emotions.

Recently I found myself zoning out to the world and connecting with my inner self, the raw emotive state. Country music is so authentic and genuine, the lyrics somehow relatable.

If you’ve ever felt this you’ll know what I mean when I say it was a numbing but freeing feeling. Allowing yourself to commit to your inner sanctum, then returning to the world in somewhat a daze but with a fresh, clearer perspective, a feeling of gratitude and vitality.

Personally music, specifically Country is like mindfulness. Spending a small amount of time to zone out and connect with even just one song within yourself is needed.

Our emotions can be defined in music. Each octave an emotion, each note a response, a feeling. You can be the highest octave yet the lowest note (happy with down days), or the lowest octave and the highest note (sad, low confidence but still relatively upbeat).

Life isn’t monotone, and sometimes, like the chorus, life lessons come back to repeat because we need to hear them, we need to understand them, we need to learn from them. Even if one is having a bad day, remember, even music needs a bridge. Find your bridge, find your key change! It’s ok if the music takes you to places you’ve never been, or to places you’ve been to but not healed from. It’s all part of the music of life. You write your own score sheet, others may want to make you flat, and others may make you sharpe, but realise that music is like you, be natural.

We all connect to music, to Country in one way or another. I’d love to hear your thoughts. What feelings and thoughts does Country music evoke in you?

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