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Watch now! Jake Lindholm - Do You Even Need Me

The Swedish country singer Jake Lindholm had a lyric video out last Friday, for his song "Do You Even Need Me". Watch it here!

The song has a badass, powerful feeling to it, and this video underlines it. It's cool and laid back, with the perfect touch of anger.

The artist himself says that this is a project he has been doing during the pandemic. The song is written by Andreas Ericsson, John Griffin and Jake himself.

Jake is an exciting country artist. His song Wild Ones ended up at top 10 during Boots of Europes contest for single of the year 2020, making him one of ten European outbreak artists. At his very professional instagram you'll find plenty of great covers, showcasing Jakes amazing vocal abilities. A quick look shows 10 - 20 000 views for his videos.

Remember to follow him at Spotify and SoMe!

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