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Watch: “Hand Me Downs” by Janelle Arthur ft. Dolly Parton

The former American Idol contestant wrote the song “Hand Me Downs” coming off American idol. Making the song more special, Dolly Parton accepted Arthur’s invitation doing a duet. It’s also been a Boots Of Europe fan favorite. Now, the video and a secret is out.

The plot of the song is gorgeous, and reflects upon things that we hand down from our family, not only the solid items, but also genetics and standards, as well as the pride that comes along.

Having Dolly Parton in on this project was of course special for Arthur. Dolly has been an inspiration for Arthurs artistry, and she feels deeply connected to the legendary artist. Arthur even portrayed Parton in a show about Partons life when she was 8 years old (Paradise Road).

Janelle Arthur tells People Magazine that she suffered a miscarriage in 2020, that was very hard on the artist.

"It's hard to put into words what you go through because you have so many different emotions," Arthur, 31, tells PEOPLE exclusively. "It was as if my brain wasn't prepared for the loss and the sadness of it all. I let myself cry and grieve. And then I just had to trust Him. I just had to trust God's timing."

And so she did. after finding out she was expecting again, the ultrasound confirmed a living baby girl, expected the January the 19th, more specific at Dolly Partons birthday.

A beautiful song and video, and a beautiful story of life and new generations. Congratulations so much, Janelle Arthur!

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