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‘Toby Keith’ by Nicola Harris review

Nicola Harris, known for her previous recent hits such as 'You' and 'Perfect Kiss', has a new song ready to hit the charts; 'Toby Keith'. The song is being released on her birthday, 28th July.

Starting with a funky bass line and has a sultry vibe about it, I can imagine sauntering across the dance floor to flirtatious get her man, or as the opening lyric suggests, men approaching her.

"I’m Standing In The Bar,

Yeah Just Wondering What I’m Doing Here.

You Start Playing Your Guitar,

So I Move A Little Closer."

The opening verse details being stood at the bar, not sure why they're there until you're captivated by the live music being played. That's the beauty of live music, live performers such as Nicola.

"What I Got To Give To You

Is Something Sweet Not Attitude

Just Pop The Lock

Don’t Hesitate 

My Gift To You’s My Warm Embrace"

The bridge details the earlier days of courting, showing the sweet side and not so much of the attitude, not least until we've grown to know each other better. "Just pop the lock" is perhaps a reference to the heart, and by opening it then the recipient, the lover will see and feel their true vulnerability in "my warm embrace".

"I’ll Take One Shot, Two Shot, Three Shot, Four

Play That Country Music

I’ll Get On The Floor

Come Baby Play The Strings

Like Toby Keith

Then Come Back To Mine

Get Under My Sheets"

Sticking with the bar scene, this could simply be a friendly drinking competition, or yet more realisitically (it is Country music after all!) be shots to waste away memories of a former lover, and in hearing the Country music it's the only thing to pull you out of that deep drinking hole. The chorus gets increasing flirtatious and somewhat seductive when referencing how to play the guitar and what will happen after.

"Baby On This One Night

Maybe We Can Make It Last All Night

Who Knows If This One Night

Takes Us To The End, The End, The End of Time."

This verse is perhaps suggestive of it only being a one night stand, but savouring the moment and making it "last all night". Yet part way through the verse it suggests that this one night fling could become something more permanent and "takes us to the end, the end, the end of time."

The bridge and chorus then repeat in turn. Each building the flirtatious tension, before moving to the second bridge.

"You’re Touching My Thighs

Mmm Body Starts To Shiver

Yeah You Make Me Lose My Mind

Oh God We’re Really Doin’ This


I think here, regardless of which body part is 'touched' what this means is when we feel that connection, it races through the body and the 'body starts to shiver'. Falling in love and feeling that deep connection can 'make me lose my mind' and sometimes love hits us at the most in opportune times and before you know it it's a case of 'Oh God we're really doing this.' Never let time or feeling pass you by. If it strongly urges uou, make sure that is expressed.

The song then concludes with the chorus being repeated twice. Perhaps this is done to remind us that it's not just about taking one shot at things, but sometimes we require more attempts before we find the solution.

'Toby Keith' is released on 28 July 2023, and coincides with Nicola's birthday.

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