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Three music videos you shouldn't miss!

Three different videos. Three different artists meant to set the world on fire. All country music.

Lainey Wilson has broken into country music like a storm over the past two years. The Louisiana girl brought home ACMA awards for new female artist of the year and single of the year, with the song "Things A Man Oughta Know" (Cowritten by Friends With Boots Jason Nix, and J. Singleton.). She's also testing out her acting skills, and has a brand new role in the huge success TV series "Yellowstone". She's definitely not on the lazy side of life, as her album "Bell Bottom Country" is expected October 28th.

"Heart Like A Truck" is the first single off the new album, and she recently released the second single "Watermelon Moonshine". The song flows with vibes we all recognize from Deana Carters "Strawberry Wine", mixed with Craig Morgans "What I Love About Sundays".

Both her new singles has got super hit potential. It's clear Lainey Wilson has found herself, her style and image over the last year. She's become a full ended artist; her brand is clear and her music manage to distinguish from the melting pot. Her fans know what to expect from her, and with her two new singles, she clearly delivers.


If you haven't heard about Kameron Marlowe before, you're in for a treat. Kameron got attention at 2018 at the American The Voice. He had major success with his breakup song "Giving You Up", a song he proudly sings for huge arenas. Kameron had his Grand Ole Opry debut a year ago, where Brad Paisley invited him up on stage. Kameron is ready to release a new album, coming Friday August 26th. If these powerhouse vocals are ready to invade homes here in Europe, is up to you to decide. Here he's doing an acoustic version together with Country Rebel.


Adam Sanders is known as an artist appreciating the 90s country style. He's got a significant voice that distinguishes from others. If you put an Adam Sanders track on, you immediately hear it's him. Adams music is wide range, from easy listening ballads, to catchy party tunes, to the more serious kind, with heavy drums and loads of guitars.

For this video, Boots is tempted to say that he's been taking inspiration from the 90´s rapper Eminem. As soon as the start begins, it immediately pull thoughts to eight mile, and the rough, hard core world it painted. The song is without a doubt bad ass, and it's about not changing who you are, no matter what money you're offered. Adam is an unsigned artist, meaning no one else than himself is pushing his music out there. That's a rough job, even for an experienced songwriter/artist like him. The song might therefore be a reflection of his own thoughts. Many labels has tried to sign him over the last years, but he's never settled for any. This makes his song very reliable. Adam knows exactly what he sings about.

Currently Adam ready to go on tour with one of his best friends, superstar Dustin Lynch, which he cowrote the nr.1 hit "Hell Of A Night" with. Tonight(aug.21th) he does a show with Carrie Underwood.

Adam Sanders is a country superstar in disguise. He's got lots of experience from songwriting, but has just started out chasing his own dream. A fantastic songwriter and vocalist.

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