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‘These Boots’ by Rosemill Kix - review

Rosemill Kix (formerly known as Something Borrowed) are a husband and wife duo from Dundee. They've been playing together for about a year and in November 2022 had the pleasure of playing at Stanwix Country Music Festival.

Rosemill Kix told me they "came up with the “these boots” idea while they were brainstorming song ideas and thought that it could be a song about different aspects of your life - work, dancing, fighting and while you can do them all with “these boots” on. So it’s essentially about our work ethic, all these different aspects of life with a little flirty-ness and playfulness added in too"

The song starts with a funky and yet familiar riff with a distinctive authentic Country vibe. The opening lyric is a well used phrase by many, and I couldn't think of a better way to describe this authentic Country song.

"If there's a job worth doing, it's worth doing right."

This is so true, do a job properly and there's no need to revisit it for a while, if at all.

The opening verse continues, "She's gonna need some work, boy, I'm feeling handy tonight, Pull on your working boots, we got mountains to climb. Only the hard work, hard climb, keeps a man satisfied." Now I like how open and subjective this is. 'She' could be referring to a property of some kind and 'feeling handy tonight' could relate to renovating or restoring it, always ensuring their safety by pulling 'on your work boots' and clearly depicting the state of affairs in so much as ' we got mountains to climb.' Alternatively this could be addressing a relationship and instead of 'who wears the trousers?' it's a case of who wears the boots?

I really like the last line in the first verse, referencing hard work and a hard climb. Sometimes we're too fixed on achieving results to acknowledge the journey (climb) we've taken to get where we are today. At the end of the day, so long as we're content and satisfied in our own lives and how we got here, that's all that truly matters. I have however been informed that instead of "hard climb" it should be "hard grind" to keep with the playfulness of the song.

"Yeah I go through everything with my boots on.

When the road ahead sometimes seems too long.

I mighta tripped through the bad times and danced through the good, lost my way but I know wherever I may roam, these boots will carry me on"

This is the chorus and demonstrates how prepared and ready they are for either work, or for running to or from something or someone. The road ahead could be referencing a future with a special someone, or taking the previous speculation of renovating further.

The second verse references times to take "these boots took the floor, shake off the working day. She says a real man dances, boys you better check your game." Possibly referencing courting on the dance floor and has a cheeky ask reply feel as it continues "Don't make it easy on me, these ain't no two left feet. So we turn, we twist, we dance, we kiss all the way to my backseat." Clearly depicting their best moves to get to the backseat.

"Well these boots have seen some troubles, mighta kicked a chin or two.

Rowdy went spilled my beer, now he's missing his front tooth..."

The bridge tells the story of the sights and "troubles" the boots have seen (and possibly been involved in) detailing the journey we all venture through, experiencing our own highs and lows. It continues "But that's only half a story, no I didn't win the fight. Rowdy threw a big right hand, won't forget for the rest of my life." Again, detailing that we don't always get what we want but there is always a lesson to be learnt.

"These Boots" will be released 6th January 2023. Be sure to follow them on Spotify at and you can also follow them on their Instagram account at

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