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‘The Call’ by Mikki Evans review

Following from her previous hit 'Rent Free' released last year, Mikki is releasing another powerful and beautiful song.

Co written and produced with Gary Quinn and Luke Flear, the song is about losing someone close, and getting "The Call". It's based on a very personal tragic event that Mikki has experienced, yet it is one that we will all sadly deal with in our lifetime.

"I still remember waking, to that motel room phone ringing, when I picked up my world came crashing down Dad stumbling through his tears, “Your sister’s gone…” is all I hear, as the receiver and my knees hit the ground"

When we receive the awful and tragic news that a loved one has left this world, we all respond differently, however we all take memories from that moment or the ones building up to it. Inevitably there are always words spoken through tears. Tears of grief, tears created from fond memories encountered in our lives. It's so delicate recalling other things that drop to the floor, not just your knees, but the phone and equally your heart.

The chorus has a build up detailing how "Life ain't been the same since I got..."

"The call you hope to never get is sometimes one that’s Heaven sent, but it’s hard to see in the Hell I’ve battled through. Then I was drawn to a light right above me shining bright and now I know that God had bigger plans for you To bring you home the day you got the call"

Nobody likes to receive "The Call" that a loved one has passed, but some find it reassuring knowing that it's God sending for them to be in Heaven, even dispute that moment feeling like Hell. The chorus also touches on the signs we get from our dearly departed, whether it's a ray of sun shine through the cloud, or seeing an animal that is associated with the deceased, like a butterfly or a robin for example.

"I used to take your things, now I’d give anything to have you chase me from your room just one more time

But you were always there with advice and love to share, and I still feel you close from the other side"

Recalling fond memories of taking a siblings things and being chased for them back is something that most with siblings can relate to. However this verse also encapsulates the role model we see in them, asking for advice and always feeling their love.

The song then breaks back into the chorus followed by "There’s comfort from the fear if you believe" before returning once again to the chorus to finish this very powerful, emotive and highly moving song. I doubt anyone will be able to complete listening to the song with dry eyes.

Mikki releases "The Call" April 21st, and is available to stream and download on all music platforms. Be sure to follow her on her social media channels.

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