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‘Tend To Be’ by Fin Pearson review

Hailing from Surrey in the UK, Fin Pearson is a singer/ songwriter inspired by Folk, Bluegrass and Country. His debut song 'Tend To Be' is a stripped back record, featuring acoustic guitar which is supported by a string quartet.

"The track addresses imperfections which I have noticed throughout my past. Using Similes of both human and wild Nature, ‘Tend to be’, shows awareness of these imperfections and shows how ‘guilt can be created by love. By believing that a loved one should not be burdened by the imperfections I carry’"

"Don't blame you if you wanna leave

You saw me changing colours like the changing of the breeze.

Safe to say you don't see me the same,

But you've not changed so I know I'm to blame."

Sometimes things don't work out in a relationship, personally or professionally, yet this first lyric is very empathetic, and details how they themselves recognise how they've changed. Changing of colours is a very interesting and descriptive remark. Most would know and associate certain emotions with colours, and perhaps it's charting this shift from red (love) to green (envy). The verse also documents how they acknowledge that the other party hasn't changed deducing that it is them that is the problem, which seems a very mature perspective.

"Don't blame me in the morning sun

When you roll over in your bed and you're the only one who's being

Blinded by the light that creepin underneath the blind

I said I'd fix it soon and I hope I still might get one more chance, and one more dance."

Whilst you can take this literally, what I suggest it means is that the light is representing doubt or some form of clarity, creeping through a clouded mind. Clearly demonstrating that something has occurred for the character to be be apologising hoping 'I still might get one more chance, and one more dance.'

"Underneath the moon and stars

The way we used to drift along, like the rhythm in my song

I never thought this day I'd finally see

You took your time to realise

You shouldn't be losing your mind over people who don't mind watching you leave."

The chorus is very descriptive, portraying a great image of being moonlit under the stars, drifting along 'like the rhythm in my song'. This lyric in particular demonstrates a relaxed attitude, someone perhaps at peace with themselves or their lifestyle and I doubt many would describe themselves as 'drift along' in life. Amongst this lyric is a very strong and powerful message, 'You shouldn't be losing your mind over people who don't mind watching you leave' in short, if someone can afford to lose you, you can need not worry about what they think anymore.

"Well I wish I could have been your one but perfect just ain't how I tend to be."

The chorus continues reflecting on if buts and maybes, however offers some realism in the fact that 'perfect just ain't how I tend to be' almost suggesting to expect perfection is a stretch too far. The song continues into a harmonica and violin instrumental.

"And I don’t wake up anymore

Wrapped up in your hair and seein your boots by my door

Oh if I could shoot back time

This lyric is perhaps demonstrating how much we are social creatures and how we aren't waking up with another, be that literally, or metaphorically through loss and bereavement. It picks out certain traits which can be relatable to us all, linking to our senses and memories we hold of those no ok her waking up in our lives.

"I’d shoot it like tequila and I’d chase it with a lime

Way back to before the day we met. 

Back when Austin city limits saw us falling in the west;  I would’ve watched you dance alone."

Reference to the drink could be suggested to be related to drowning of sorrows, however could also be reflective of initial shock of a situation, then the lime providing the sting of reality. Reference to 'falling in the west' could mean chances becoming fewer as the time of opportunity draws to a close, much like a sunset. As for 'I would've watched you dance alone' perhaps this is an acceptance that perhaps the friendship isn't compatible, or allowing others to flourish under their own steam.

"Girl I should’ve known 

I couldn’t be the one to keep that smile on your face too long 

But when they played our song."

Realising that we are not the sole reason for someone's smile, or that you couldn't keep it on their face is hard, but so too is not feeling the desire to smile. Sometimes the same smile can hide so much pain and discomfort. The truest love wants this smile to be authentic and genuine, not forced. The song returns once again to the chorus.

Underneath the moon and stars

The way we used to drift along

Like the rhythm in my song

I never thought this day I'd finally see."

Reference to 'the moon and stars' paints a romantic image where 'they played our song' and 'drift along like rhythm in my song' shows how relatable music is to life. We all have a song that defines us, or is our motivation. Sometimes we don't know which song that is, but when it's felt, it's transforms you.

"You took your time to realise you shouldn't be losing your mind over people who don't mind watching you leave.

Well I wish I could have been your one but, perfect just ain't how I tend to be."

Time is a vital part of any journey, and is sometimes forgotten how important it is, especially in the instant access world we live in. The lyric holds a powerful message as mentioned before, and is worth repeating because you should be able to move on, you can't control what others think, you can only change what they see and experience.

The song then breaks into a harmonica and violin instrumental giving the impression of light, airy and floating through the interlude.

"I'll watch the sunrise every day, watch the days roll by like tumbleweed on Arizona plains. I waste away on neon bars, drinkin doubles now I'm single writin songs and counting scars. Lord I ain't seen her in some time.'

This verse shows great contrast in so much as watching the sunrise, or set is synonymous with being romantic and being in company of another; this is juxtaposed by the "tumbleweed" signifying loneliness. Because of this loneliness it can lead up to 'neon bars'. The song then provides a lyric with a beautiful double meaning. Whilst continuing the drinking theme, it also comes to represent relationships 'doubles' and 'single'. Whilst the lyric 'Lord I ain't seen her in some time' continues this double meaning, is it referencing a woman, or the bottle?

"I'm still haunted by the thought of how I took away her smile. Are we getting further from the last night I spent in her arms.

or getting closer to the next time that I end up by her side

and we dance all night."

Reference to being 'haunted' suggests there's regret not being able to give someone a forever smile. However, there's hope referencing the possibility of being by their side again and dancing the night away.

The song returns once more to the chorus and fades out leaving the message 'perfect just ain't how I tend to be.'

Released 5th July 2023, 'Tend To Be' is now available to stream and download from your usual music platform.

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