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‘Stuck in The Middle’ AMB review

Adam, known as AMB is releasing his debut single 4th January 2023 and it's called 'Stuck In The Middle'.

Having spent time in Denmark, Sweden and the Channel Islands, AMB has developed his songwriting to what you hear today. His debut single explores the struggle of living in the country but yearning for the buzz of city life, all whilst trying to figure out where life is taking him. Listeners of Cory Marks, Luke Combs & Brantley Gilbert will quickly find themselves becoming a fan of AMB.

The song is produced by Andrea Succi and Danny McMahon, a singer in his own right, but who also produces music through Puzzle Maker Studios.

'Stuck In The Middle' has a Country Rock vibe and as the title suggests it's about being in a quandary. The song starts in this very sentiment "Bud Light? Moonshine? Stuck in the middle. Nights on the town or drinks by the creek? Stacking shelves all night or stacking bales? Ain't no sunrise like in Tennessee. Cause I'm living that city high, but damn I'm missing Country me." It's always hard to know what we want. Do we want or even need the full on fast pace of the city? Can we stand the tranquility and solace of the country?

AMB tells me the concept of the song came as a result of him moving from Sweden to a remote Channel Island, and is contemplating which life is better. In this way the song is very deep and channels to the core of what and where makes us happiest? Can we be both happiest in a city and the suburbs? Truth is, we make our own happiness and whilst it can be a constant, it is also variable as we grow older.

"Now the skylines in the rear view, while the back roads up in the windshield. Which way is right, which is the life for me. 'Cause I’m stuck between the City and the Dirt Road."

The song constantly ponders contrasting thoughts and whether one is better than the other. You get a real sense of dilemma throughout the song.

"Am I City slicker or a country boy? Not born or raised in South Illinois. Is it Back road living or apartment skipping? Man, I just gotta choose."

Here AMB is weighing up the benefits of both Country life and City living. Who really loves moving from apartment (house) to apartment? All the packing, the cleaning and general housework, compared with living a simple life, perhaps out of a tent or a camper van. The beauty of the latter is that you can change your scenery daily should you want to, and take in sights only dreamed of in the city. It all depends on the type of person you are, adventurous or a structured creature of habit.

"I was raised on those city lights but I’m stuck between the city and the dirt road. Raised on those City Lights. I’m stuck between the city and the dirt road."

This song is very thought provoking, in so much as it questions what we want in this moment, and where we feel we belong. City or the Country. Life isn't always about the black and white, but also understanding you can live in the grey and enjoy the best of both.

'Stuck In The Middle' by AMB is released 4th January 2023. You can presave the song at: and to follow AMB further you can check out his website: and follow him on Instagram here.

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