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‘Something Real’ by Tu-Kay & Ryan - review

Oppdatert: 17. aug. 2023

Ash Tu-kay & Rebecca Ryan are a multi-award winning Northamptonshire based acoustic duo, blurring the lines between alt-folk, Americana and roots music. Their single, Temporal Drifter, went to number 1 in the Amazon Folk Charts for both best sellers and top new releases.

Since 2018, Tu-kay & Ryan have performed at numerous pubs, clubs and festivals in the UK & internationally. They are known for both lush harmonies and heartfelt lyrics in their original songs. They are passionate about creating music with a positive message (something regular readers may've noticed I like to do with these reviews). They've released 'Something Real' which came out 21st April 2023.

"How long

Has this been going on

Many years I travelled

But I got it all wrong."

The verse could be perceived as to a period of enlightenment where we've gone through life for many years only now to discover our true purpose.

"There's a light I can see in the distance.

When I reach I can almost touch

To bask in the warmth of the sunlight

As it breaks through the clouded skies

I feel inside

Something pure, something real."

This light referenced in the chorus could represent our goals and achievements coming to fruition, and we bask in the sunlight of satisfaction. It could also be suggestive of being in a dark place mentally and finally getting into your groove and getting out of that hole. In these dark and low times you get to know yourself more 'I feel inside'.

"Life, Is a precious thing.

Make the most of the time that you have

And you will find your wings."

This lyric serves as a perfect reminder that life is precious, and to focus on the positives in life. How can we find our wings if all we embrace is negativity, this only serves to weigh us down, look for the light, the love, and may this enable you to find your wings and your calling in life.

"Sometimes the weight can be heavy

Allow me to lighten the load

Sometimes the mind is unsteady

Now's the time to let it all go

You don't have to journey alone

All the people you don't yet know

Their love will show, give it time, and you'll see.

The heavy weight references can be the burden we place on ourselves when trying to process all of our emotions and are mentally overloaded. 'Allow me to lighten the load' is perhaps a reference to counselling or talking therapy after realising 'Now's the time to let it all go' and 'You don't have to journey alone'. Through opening your mind to possibility, to positivity, then you will attract people you don't yet know and they will reciprocate their love.

"Get up, And brush off the dirt

You're battered and bruised

But things are looking up."

A good reference to what we encounter in life. We fall down, but we brush ourselves down and we go again even better and with greater purpose and determination. Sure, we'll be 'battered and bruised' but these are battle wounds as we negotiate life.

The song then closes on the chorus again, finishing on a positive perspective of the apparition of light, love and the associated warmth that's 'Something pure, something real'.

'Something Real' was released 21 April and is available to stream and download now from your streaming platform.

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