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Silverado - Joshua Thomas review

Oppdatert: 17. aug. 2023

The song, Josh tells me, came about after a chat with a friend and they were discussing how there's so many Country songs about trucks, and decided to give it a go himself. Josh goes on to say how he started noodling with the chords and the song practically wrote itself.

When asked what the song's about, Josh explains that it's when someone gets a new truck and leaves their friends and or partner to drive it about.

With its easy listening strumming, sliding and casual picking, it's definitely a song to enjoy in the solace of a lone drive. Perhaps though the solo drive isn't as selfish as first thought. We all need to do things that make us fulfilled, hobbies, past times, whatever they may be. This can be symbolic of pilgrimage to our soul, finding what makes us fulfilled and happy (not that I'd be suggesting friends and partners can't do that).

"Gotta brand new roll, you should see the specs. Optional extras, and all the rest.

Been cruising town, turning heads, wheels on fire just like I'd expect"

Whilst this is clearly referencing the van, it could also be interpreted as a new way of avodaince to appreciate ourselves and what we want. Cruising town is perhaps going about town as our true selves, whatever form that takes and may, by some be considered as quirky hence the turning heads reference.

"I'm gonna let you go.

So I can ride around town in my brand new silverado.

Off playing cowboy, pretending I'm some kind of (big time) desperado."

The need or desire to let someone go can be difficult, however if they aren't supporting you then ultimately the relationship should be cut off. Let them go so you can go about town in your new confident in yourself (silverado). 'Off playing cowboy' is suggesting that we imitate or impersonate, but sometimes you've got to fake it until you make it.

In summary, silverado in my opinion can be used to represent our inner confidence and self belief, because it is there. It just depends on the people we are surrounded by, and whether or not this is allowed to be explored.

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